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Brainscratchcomms: Mario Party 2

Updated on April 12, 2016
This picture comes from a section where one of the players gets stars without doing anything.
This picture comes from a section where one of the players gets stars without doing anything. | Source
A game where everybody has costumes. And can be jerks to each other.
A game where everybody has costumes. And can be jerks to each other. | Source

It Begins

In the article Interesting Aspects About Let's Players I talked about various people on the Internet and some of the entertainment they provided when it came to playing through a video game. One group, BrainScratch Commentaries, had a fairly entertaining segment where they played the game Mario Party 2, a game developed by Nintendo in 1999 where everything was played on a board game. In this case, the first board that was played was based on pirates and all the players at BrainScratch Commentaries had to do was pick their characters. John was Luigi, Ryan was Wario, Lewis was Princess Peach, and Ted picked Donkey Kong. For the turn order Ted was first, Lewis was second, John was third, and Ryan was fourth. As a showcase of the different mini-games of Mario Party 2, John played the first item game, and won an alright item. As a humorous tangent, Ted points out that Bowser never gets to be a playable character for the Mario Party franchise, but he gets to be playable in every other sports-based game. The first game that was played once all four players had a turn was a fairly simple looking game which John won. Immediately it looked like Ted's luck was going bad once he had a dice roll where he only moved two spaces ahead. In the second turn Lewis got the best roll by moving ten spaces ahead from where he was originally. Of course, on the third set of turns Lewis activated an event where he was forced to start from the beginning again. John also activated an event where he was forced to do something, but with a loss of coins. After playing another mini-game which Ryan won easily, Lewis played the same item getting game and acquired a really good item. Eventually the next game had everybody against Lewis. And this game had everybody turn into penguins. Lewis lost this game. Soon Ted began to affect the board in ways that justified naming this first video "The Game That Ruins Friendships". The end of this video had Ted win a mini-game and boast about it.


At the start of the second video, John won the first star of the game. For bonus hilarity, the second star of the game appeared in an area where Ryan and Ted got angry because they could not reach the star from where they were currently. And then Ryan landed on a space where he was forced to lose coins. And then he was forced to play a mini-game where everybody was going up against him. And then Ryan lost so badly that he went down to third place for this game as a whole. Eventually, Lewis had everyone play a mini-game where all of the players lost an equal amount of coins, but the winner and second place got some of the coins back. John and Ryan won this event. John also showed-off an earlier item he got in this game by stealing one of Ted's items. Ted then proceeded to say how this franchise was able to end friendships. As for games, one was another game where Ted and Ryan got some of Lewis's and Johns coins, and another one where John was the winner. Pretty soon John landed on a space where somebody was forced to give something to another player. In this case, Ted was forced to give some of his coins to Ryan. Eventually Ted got a chance to steal a significant amount of coins from Ryan, much to Ryan's chagrin. And then John triggered the event that sent him back to the beginning of the board. And then Ryan ends the video by stealing one of John's stars and advancing further into the board.


The start of this video was a mini-game where Ted won. Later, Lewis managed to activate an event where he was sent back to the beginning of the board. Again. As for the next mini-game, this time it was everyone against John. John won. At this point everybody had ten turns left before the game ended. Ryan then ended back at the beginning of the board without accomplishing anything. The next mini-game had everybody against each other. With John winning, barely. After that Ted used one of his items to steal back another item John stole from him earlier. And the next mini-game was the complete opposite of the first mini-game BrainScratch Commentaries played on this board; everybody had to make a pole go down rather than up. And Ryan won this round while making a quip about how he needed that win, despite being in first place. The next mini-game involved everyone playing what was basically Simon Says. Which Lewis immediately failed. Then Ted was next to fail, with John following immediately afterwards. Ending with Ryan winning. Again. And then John gets sent back to the beginning of the board. Again. All while banter about how to move around the board between all four players was in the background. This video ended with a mini-game where Ryan was up against everyone else. Ryan lost. Again.

Plot Twist

For the last video in the pirate-based Mario Party 2 board, the viewer got to see Ted start things off by stealing Ryan's star. Much to Ryan's frustration. And then Ted goaded Lewis into using an item that would help him move further. But Lewis was not listening to Ted. Soon, Ryan was having even worse luck by losing coins. During a crane mini-game some interesting tangents were spoken like making a Toy Story reference, pointing out that real crane game had no way to extend the time to use them, and insulting Ryan while he was trying to win the game. As an intermission, the rules of the game changed slightly. Now, the introduction of duels were announced. And Ted got some more coins due to being in first place. But then Lewis obtained a star, putting him from third place into second place. And here was where things got interesting. First and foremost, Lewis landed on a space that produced a block that contained a star. Putting him from second place into first place. Much to Ted and Ryan's frustration. And laughing fits from John. But at least Ryan persevered enough to steal a lot of coins from John. But the next mini-game at least had John regain some coins. And even win the first duel mini-game against Lewis. But the next mini-game where four players were against each other had Ted winning. And then John got a star, which meant that at this point everybody had a star except for Ryan. At least until Ryan used an item that took him directly to the next available star. Long story short, after many turns, mini-games, item getting, and duels, and Lewis getting another star without doing anything at all, Lewis as Princess Peach ultimately won this game.

It Ruins Friendships

Mario Party has been a series that has been said to ruin friendships. BrainScratch Commentaries showed an example where that statement might make some sense. Especially when one of the players basically won without putting in any form of effort.

A typical day for a Youtube group that mostly plays video games.
A typical day for a Youtube group that mostly plays video games. | Source


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