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7 Bubble Witch Saga 2 Tips and Tricks

Updated on July 11, 2014
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Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC and console games.

The much-awaited sequel to Bubble Witch Saga has fun objectives. Besides the usual “clear ceiling bubbles”, there are levels where players can rescue adorable animals and ghosts. The game gets a nice makeover – bright visuals, colorful levels and brilliant artwork/animation.

In King’s latest bubble shooter, new levels will keep you busy for hours. However, they are not easy to complete. In some levels, groups of bubbles rotate while you try shooting at them, thus making it quite harder to rescue animals. Levels will become increasingly difficult as you progress, and you may have to replay or seek the help of level walkthroughs. You may try the following simple tips and tricks to improve your aiming skills, complete levels and score more points:

1. Get an Accurate Aim: Here's How to Do It

One major concern about Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the flawed aiming system. Some players have complained that the target isn’t accurate and so it takes time to adjust the aiming line. An accurate aiming system is crucial because it will help players to pop bubbles in areas where shooting the bubble off the wall is the only way to reach them. I am sure developers at are going to replace it with a more accurate aiming system.

  • Playing this game with a mouse might just be okay, but on an Android-powered tablet or mobile, using the touch screen to target bubbles at hard-to-reach areas with pinpoint accuracy may be quite difficult for both new and seasoned players. It can be quite difficult to view the angle of the aiming line if your finger is fat. In such situations, use a stylus or your little finger. With a stylus, you can get to see the aiming line and angle. Just tap, hold and then release to hit the right spot.
  • Another way to get your aiming line right is to tap and hold below the bubble shooter. You can then slide your finger left or right to get that perfect bank shot. This way you will get a clear view of the aiming line and also get a perfect angle to help the bubble reach every nook and crevice.

2. Save Boosters for Later levels

You will get boosters time after time and can use them for free thrice. You may then have to spend gold bars to get them.

A good aspect of this game is that it does not force players to use a booster immediately after it is made available for use, unlike games like Frozen Free Fall, where one booster gets wasted as it becomes part of a tutorial that explains how to use it on a puzzle board. In this game, all free boosters are all yours and you can use them anytime.

Once you get boosters, don’t use them right away. Save them for harder levels. Trust me; you will need them in future levels, when clearing ceiling bubbles, rescuing animals and ghosts won’t be easy.

You can use the Rainbow Bubble on a large group of bubbles. Use it when you don’t have a bubble of the same color and there’s a big match out there. You can also use this “wildcard” bubble on large group of bubbles surrounding a trapped animal or a ghost to rescue them. But remember use it when you don’t have a similar-colored bubble and the level is too hard to complete.

The Fireball booster is more powerful and useful than the Rainbow booster, so use it wisely. It can rip through bubbles it comes in contact with. It can be quite useful for all objectives, be it removing a row of bubbles, saving animals or rescuing ghosts. Warning: The Fireball bubble does not bounce off the wall. Make sure the aiming line is straight.

3. Spiders Give Extra Points

Scoring points in Bubble Witch Saga 2 can be easy if you follow these hints:

Look for groups of bubbles attached with two or three same-colored bubbles. Matching those 2-3 bubbles will make the group of bubbles drop into cauldrons; some may even bounce on the spiders earning you bonus points. This way, you can earn max points with one move.

Spiders appear after making matches, but soon disappear if you miss a match. Now you all may know that spiders act as multipliers and increase your score if a bubble drops and bounces on them. Each bounce gives extra 25 or 50 points. Red Spider gives bonus 25 points. Yellow Spider gives bonus 50 points. Green Spider is quite unique. A bubble bounced off a green spider replicates itself into two. The cloned bubble will fall into one of the “points cauldrons” and you will earn extra points.

4. Time Trick to Get 5 Lives

There are two ways to refill lives: Ask friends on Facebook for extra hearts or spend gold bars to get them. The popular date/time trick is the surest way to get all 5 lives back without much effort. Most Candy Crush Saga players know how to do this, but newbie players may not have any idea about this trick. Here’s a step-step-step guide for them:

The time trick worked for me on my Nexus 7. You can try it on your mobile phones. Developers may find this out soon and get it fixed. In many games, this trick stopped working soon after developers fixed it. So enjoy getting free lives until this trick lasts:

  • On your device, exit the game and go to Settings. In the System tab, tap on “Date & Time”.
  • Uncheck “Automatic Date & Time”. This will allow you to manually set the date and time. Tap on “Set Time” and set the time 30 minutes (or 1 hour) ahead of the current time.
  • Now open the game and viola! You will find all 5 hearts at the top of the top of the screen. You may now go back to Date & Time settings and check “Automatic Date & Time” to set it to the current time. Make sure you have used all lives before using this trick.

Additional Tips and Tricks

5. A better aiming strategy would be to tap and hold to get the aiming angle right (you can use a stylus to do it), and then release to let the bubble reach its target. If you want to hit straight and quick, just tap on the string of bubbles and the bubble will go in that direction.

6. Making 5+ matches in a row activates the “Hot Pot” powerup. Every bubble falling into one of the cauldrons doubles your points. Make sure you keep on matching bubbles after the hot pot is activated. The powerup disappears as soon as you miss a match.

7. In some levels, you will find colorless bubbles. To know their color, just connect them with the colored bubbles by making the shooter bubble act as a bridge between them.
If you can’t find a match with the current bubble loaded on the shooter, tap on the spare bubble below and see if you can find a match with it.


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