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Guide to Bubble Witch Saga - Facebook Hints & Tips - How to level guide

Updated on April 10, 2012

Bubble With Saga: Tons of Fun

Bubble Witch Saga is a Facebook social game that is rapidly growing in popularity. The game is created by and is a fun-filled bubble shooting game. The game is set in a dark forest ; gamers collect delicious potions, shoot down bubbles, and knock down arachnids in order to gain points. The primary objective of the game is to keep the witch’s cauldron alive by shooting down the bubbles. Gamers journey through the enchanted forest, clearing levels and earning stars, all while hoping to be the fourth witch.

Bubble Witch Saga currently contains over 100 levels with more levels being planned by The game possesses a map in order to guide the game’s users through all the varying levels. In each level of the game, users must clear the screen by eliminating all the bubbles. Aiming and shooting at least three bubbles of the same color will make the bubbles tumble into the cauldron and morph into various magic potions. Now users must obtain the potions in order to complete the levels and earn stars.

Playing Bubble Witch Saga

The biggest catch with Bubble Witch Saga is that if you fail to shoot down all the bubbles you lose a life. You can mitigate this by purchasing extra lives with Facebook credits. A simpler and cheaper way to avoid this is to request extra lives from Facebook friends.

Players can also use in game coins. In game coins can be exchanged for special potions and playing bonus levels. This is helpful if you don’t have enough friends in the game but it is advisable to add friends and then purchase the coins. Purchasing the coins isn’t free but soliciting friends is. The choice of strategy is totally up to the player.

Bubble Witch Saga Tips & Tricks

Make every effort to score high in every level you pass through. High scores= more stars and more stars= power ups and new levels.

Strategy is everything. Don’t attempt to play hard levels with only one life left. Save those rounds for when you’ve got multiple lives.

Don’t be shy. Ask for more lives if you need them. You’ll be notified when you’re sent more lives.

Don’t fall for cheats and hacks promising you coins, stars, or other tempting goodies. Stick with the game’s strategy.

Some players have been having issues progressing past levels 43 and 44. Many post questions about cheats or shortcuts here. The only practical tip that can be offered is to keep popping bubbles. There’s really no shortcut except for buying or unlocking power ups. That can always make progressing a bit easier.

In more recent levels of Bubble Witch Saga there are colorful bubbles that have crystalline structures surrounding the outside of the bubbles. In order to smash these crystals you’ll have to aim at nearby bubbles. This is the only way you’ll successfully burst these bubbles.


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    • profile image

      amberlewis 5 years ago

      Ok This is a good thing for you.Because this is not an easy thing to beat whole thing in a short time.

    • sake010 profile image

      sake010 5 years ago from north america

      i beat the whole thing a long time ago

    • profile image

      amberlewis 5 years ago

      NO i have no suggestion of this question....

    • profile image

      Sandi2boys 5 years ago

      I can't get past level 25 even when I shoot off the walls. Any suggestions?

    • amberlewis profile image

      amberlewis 5 years ago from India

      All these guidelines are pretty good and nformative.Bubble Witch Saga Tips & Tricks are really good.Because before reading this blog i didn't know that we also play sega games on Facebook.