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Building The First Aid Kit in 7 Days to Die

Updated on October 15, 2014
The First Aid Kit uses the same image as the bandage when held in your hands.
The First Aid Kit uses the same image as the bandage when held in your hands. | Source

The First Aid Kit is the most effective method for healing yourself quickly in 7 Days to Die, making it a valuable item to carry in your utility belt. However, you will need to utilize cooking, crafting, and looting in order to acquire the items needed to make this medical supply.

The steps will include not only making the First Aid Kit, but also making or looting the items needed to make the first aid kit. The steps do not have to be completed in order, but the final step can only be done after all the other steps are completed.

Items Needed To Build The First Aid Kit:

The Steps:

  1. Loot or Craft a Simple Bandage
  2. Loot or Create a Blood Bag
  3. Build A Campfire
  4. Loot a Beaker
  5. Loot or Craft Cornmeal
  6. Loot or Cook Bottled Water
  7. Cook Grain Alcohol
  8. Craft The First Aid Kit

Note: 7 Days to Die is currently in Alpha testing. This article was created based off Alpha Version 9.0 and updated for Version 9.1 and 9.3. The game could change in future versions.

Craft a Simple Bandage from Cloth Fragments
Craft a Simple Bandage from Cloth Fragments | Source

1: Loot or Craft a Simple Bandage

The Simple Bandage will stop you from bleeding, but does not have the ability to heal. It is commonly found among medical supplies and needs only a cloth fragment to be crafted.

Simple Bandages Can be Found In:

Needed For Building the Simple Bandage

  • Cloth Fragment

Cloth Fragments are also used to make cloth clothing, splints, torches, and other items.

The Blood Bag adds to your health, fullness, and hydration
The Blood Bag adds to your health, fullness, and hydration | Source

2: Loot or Creaet a Blood Bag

If used by itself, a Blood Bag will add +5 to your heath, fullness, and hydration. I do not suggest using the Blood Bag by itself, since your supply is limited by the amount of bags looted and the opportunity to use the blood draw kit.

You can create a Blood Bag by using the Blood Draw Kit. The kit will reduce your health by 25, which limits the amount that can be made at one time. I would suggest being in a relatively safe area that will allow you to regain health without risk of being attacked by zombies or another player.

Blood Bags and Blood Draw Kits Can be Found In:

Steps For Creating A Blood Bag:

  1. Place a looted Blood Draw Kit into your utility belt
  2. Select the kit so that you are holding it in your hand
  3. Press the primary action button

3: Build a Campfire

You will need a campfire in order to cook the Grain Alcohol. A campfire is easy to build, using only 7 small stones. Each bottle of grain alcohol takes a full five minutes to cook. Placing your campfire in a secluded area will limit the time you spend fending off attackers during this long cooking process.

The beaker icon has a yellow background.
The beaker icon has a yellow background. | Source

4: Looting A Beaker

The Beaker is a unique cookware item that is needed for creating grain alcohol and antibiotics. It is made of glass, but currently is not able to be forged. Unlike the Cooking Pot and Cooking Grill, the Beaker can not be crafted.

For me, finding the beaker was the most time consuming part of creating the First Aid Kit. I was finally able to locate it by looting medicine cabinets inside apartment buildings.

A Beaker Can Be Found In:

5: Loot or Craft Corn Meal

Corn meal can be looted from cabinets, but is found rarely and in small quantities. It is much quicker to craft corn meal using corn, which can be acquired in large quantities by finding or planting a corn field.

Corn Meal Can Be Found In

  • Cabinets
  • Top Cabinets

Bottled Water can be cooked using a fireplace and cooking pot.
Bottled Water can be cooked using a fireplace and cooking pot. | Source

Step 6: Cook or Loot Bottled Water

Bottled Water is one of the more abundant items looted, but I will only list the most common sources below. It can also be created by cooking murky water. You likely already have a supply of bottled water but might not want to deplete the supply making first aid kits.

Most Common Loot Locations For Bottled:

  • Cabinets
  • Top Cabinets
  • Zombie Corpses
  • Refrigerators
  • Coolers
  • Backpacks
  • Sinks
  • Ovens

Step 7: Cook Grain Alcohol

Grain alcohol can not be looted, but must instead be cooked. This is often the most time consuming stem, due to the need for special cookware. By itself, Grain Alcohol adds slightly to your stamina, while taking from both your hydration and wellness.

Needed for Cooking Grain Alcohol:

Crafting a First Aid Kit
Crafting a First Aid Kit | Source

Step 8: Crafting the First Aid Kit

Crafting the kit is easy once all of the supplies have been acquired. Go to your crafting interface and select medical to find the recipe. There will be a partially transparent picture of each item after you have crafted it at least one time in the current game. Place your grain alcohol, simple bandage, and blood bag in the required slots. Finally, push he craft button.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supply
First Aid Kit
+ 50 Immediately and +5 every second for 10 seconds
Blood Bag
+5 Fullness and +5 Hydration
Aloe Cream
Pain Killers
+.5 every second for 60 seconds
-5 Hydration


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