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Leg Injuries and Splint: 7 Days To Die

Updated on October 15, 2014

Falling or dropping can cause a leg injury in 7 Days to Die, which decreases your movement speed for a set duration of time. This will increase the time it takes to loot and decrease your ability to outrun zombies. A splint can be a useful medical supply, but does not return you to full speed instantly.

In This Article:

  • Types of Leg Injury
  • Creating A Splint
  • Using A Splint
  • Remove All Leg Buffs

Types of Leg Injuries

There are multiple types of leg injuries, each having a slightly different effect. However, all leg injuries cause your movement speed to decrease for a set duration of time. When injured, an icon that resembles a broken bone will appear in the bottom left corner of your heads up display.

Leg Injury
Effect on Movement Speed
Sprained Leg
2400 Seconds
Broken Leg
3 Game Days
Mending Leg
12 Game Hours
Reinjured Leg
12 Game Hours


A sprained leg can result from a fall higher than one story or from being hit by a Crawler. There is only a slight decrease in your movement speed, allowing you to continue to outrun zombies during the day. The recovery time is much shorter than a broken or mending leg. However, this injury can also make it easier to break or re-injure your leg.



A broken leg drops your movement speed below half its normal status and will also cause you to become tired faster. You can still stay ahead of slow zombies, but will not have the ability to outrun them all. Splinting the leg will decrease the duration and increase your movement speed. You can also use coffee to increase your ability to regenerate stamina, but this will not help the leg heal.

A break can be caused by a fall that exceeds two stories if your status is normal, or more than one story when you have a sprained leg. Even after the leg heals, you will be at risk of re-injuring your leg.



You leg will begin to mend after you apply a splint to a broken leg. Your movement speed will increase, but will still be lower than if your leg was sprained. The duration drops to half a game day opposed to the three days given with a broken leg.

You risk re-injuring after mending your broken leg
You risk re-injuring after mending your broken leg | Source


In order to re-injure your leg, you must have first broke it and then allowed it to heal. A re-injury has the same effect as a mending leg, and will make it much easier to break your leg. A splint will have no effect on a re-injured leg.

The resources needed to craft a splint are abundant
The resources needed to craft a splint are abundant | Source

Crafting A Splint

A splint is made of sticks and cloth fragments. Both sticks and cloth fragments are commonly found, and can be easily crafted from widely available resources.

Items Needed For Crafting A Splint

  • 2 Sticks
  • 2 Cloth Fragments


Sticks can be gathered by striking a small bush with a tool, melee weapon, or your fists. They can also be crafted from wood planks, which can be crafted from wood logs or aged wood. Wood logs are produced when a tree is chopped down.

Cloth Fragments

Cloth fragments can be found in containers, produced, and crafted. They are produced by using a tool or weapon to destroy curtains or a tent. The fragments can also be crafted by using two pieces of cotton. You can also use cloth fragments to craft protective clothing and create bandages.

Use a splint to mend a broken leg
Use a splint to mend a broken leg | Source

Using A Splint

A splint can be used to mend a broken leg by holding the splint and pressing your main action button, similar to using a First Aid Kit. This will change your status from broken leg to mending leg. A splint has no effect on a sprained, mending, or re-injured leg.

Removing All Leg Buffs

There are times where you will not want to wait until your leg mends, or have the risk or re-injuring your leg. The only way to wipe all buffs is to re-spawn into the game. In order to do this your character must first die. You can take the easy way out and cause yourself to die.

Forcing A Re-spawn mehods

  • Falling from an extremely high object
  • Eating glass
  • Allowing zombies to strike you
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Staying underwater
  • Drawing too much blood
  • Walking into traps
  • Blowing yourself up with TNT
  • Causing a structure to fall onto you
  • Drinking too much Grain Alcohol

Tips and Suggestions

  • Be aware of the game settings that control the consequences of dying.
  • Ensure you drop your items close to your base, or store them before taking the plunge.
  • Starving to death can take a long time, depending on the game settings.


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