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Buy Cool Domo Kun Stuffed Plush Toys From Japan

Updated on June 15, 2011

Domo Kun is a loveable cartoon character from Japan. He started off as a mascot for the NHK Japanese television channel, but has now branched out into other areas. Domo Kun is an internet icon, so anyone who likes using the internet a lot will probably have come across him. Anyone into technology or Japanese goods will love to receive a Domo Kun plushie as a gift. There is a wide range of Domo Kun merchandise available, including plushies, hats, bags, backpacks and stationery.

The Domo Kun plushies are the most popular Domo Kun merchandise available. The plushies are available in a wide range of sizes, from small plushies with keychains attached, to medium sized dolls up to 12 inches. Finally there are some massive Domo Kun dolls and plush pillows.

Domo Kun plush keychains

There are a wide range of Domo Kun keychains available. The smaller ones are just made of plastic. The smallest plush ones available are about two inches tall so they fit in any pocket or purse.

My brother has a Domo Kun doll on a keychain. Sadly the eyes have now fallen off and the Domo is looking a bit sorry for himself. It was a great gift idea though and I’ll be buying more for friends and relatives.

Small and medium sized Domo Kun plushies

Domo Kun dolls are available in a wide range of sizes. The most popular is the 10 inch Domo Kun plushie. This is a good size to be noticed in the home or office without taking up too much valuable desk or shelf space. I bought my 10 inch Domo Kun doll from JList and they shipped him halfway across the world for me. If you live in the USA then have the best selection of plushie Domo Kun dolls. If you live in the UK you can get Domo Kun dolls from Tokyo Toys. They also ship Japanese merchandise so most locations in the World.

Slightly larger 12 inch Domo dolls are also available.

Like most Japanese toys, the small and medium sized Domo dolls are often redesigned as limited editions or seasonal specials. Halloween or Christmas special toys are very popular in Japan. Halloween themed Domo dolls are quite common so check on Amazon to see the latest releases. Domo Kun actually lives in a cave with two bats (Morio-Kun and Shinobu-San) so lends himself very well to Halloween.

Large Domo Kun plushies

Domo Kun plushies are available in some very large sizes! The largest Domo Kun doll is a massive 25 inches tall. Many of the larger Domo Kun plushies are cube shaped, presumably so you can use them as cushions or through them around.

Domo Kun in Japan

Domo Kun is as popular as ever, and a huge range of merchandise is now available. If you ever manage to visit Japan then the best place to get hold of Domo Kun merchandise is in the NHK Studio Park gift store. NHK Studio Park is roughly halfway between Shibuya and Harajuku JR train stations.

Domo Kun also has his own TV kids shows, so if you watch the NHK Japanese television station during the late afternoon you might catch a glimpse of him.

Domo Kun plushies make excellent gifts for technology or gadget lovers
Domo Kun plushies make excellent gifts for technology or gadget lovers


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    • profile image

      zuera 5 years ago

      i want to ask where to buy domokun?

      hehe,,really cute!

    • Timmy(B) profile image

      Timmy(B) 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Domo-Kun is great but the eyes have fallen of my keyring one. Time to buy another one!