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Buy KRE-O Transformers Online - Optimus, Megatron Prices

Updated on January 2, 2012

If you are looking for where to buy KRE-O transformers online then you are in the right place. Here we will take a look the Hasbro KRE-O transformers range, review the toys, look at prices and where you can buy them online for a good cheap price. So for everything you need to know about KRE-O transformers you need look no further.

In 2011 Hasbro released a range of toys known as KRE-O transformers. The name KRE-O comes from the Latin work creo which translates as ‘I create’. The toys are very similar to Lego and you can build them up into a specific design or you can let your imagination run wild and build whatever you like. The toys come in various shapes and sizes and you can buy them online. So let’s take a look at a few of the new KRE-O sets.

KRE-O Optimus

New Transformers Sets

So Hasbro decided that there first range of KRE-O toys would be based on Transformers. These have a history of selling well for companies so it seemed to make sense that they venture down this route. So in the range you can get characters such as Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, Sideswipe and a few more. Some of these are larger than others and contain more bricks than others. Hence why the price of some is slightly more expensive than others. So let’s take a look at a few of the toys.

First up is a very popular one known as Optimus With Twin Cycles. There are two Optimus toys and this one is the larger more complicated set. With the Optimus set you get 542 pieces of kit to build up and turn into your robot. As well as this you can also build a Truck and a Battle Station. The toy does not transform from one to the other, you do have to rebuild the entire thing which is the only downside. You get five KRE-O minifigures with this set and also a little motor cycle. This is probably the most impressive of all the KRE-O transformers toys and you can buy it over on Amazon for a good cheap price.

Another very popular set is Megatron. Again Hasbro have really pulled of an impressive set here as the robot really does look very much like Megatron should. This set contains 310 pieces and as well as the robot you can also build this up into the main section of a truck. Again the toy does not actually transform, maybe this is something Hasbro could work on for future toys. With the Megatron set you get four little minifigures, these are similar to the little Lego men that we are all familiar with. These toys are recommended for ages 8-14 but am I sure quite a few adults will also enjoy playing with these.

Bumblebee As Car

More KRE-O Sets

As well as these two large sets there are quite a few others, some small some big. For instance Bumblebee comes with around 300 pieces and you can get this one online for around $20 which really is very cheap. Some of the smaller sets include Prowl and Ratchet, both these have less than 200 pieces but are still seen as very good value. You also get minifigures with these. When you compare these toys with the price of some Lego toys then you can see that KRE-O really is a good cheap alternative.

All the various KRE-O sets come as multibuild sets which means that you can build at least two different models. The first one is obviously the robot and then you can build things like race cars and planes. As well as that you can also use the pieces to create whatever your imagination allows.

These new toys from Hasbro really do look like being good sellers for the company. They have used their wealth of experience to create a really nice range of toys that will delight children the world over. It is expected that we will see more KRE-O toys in the near future, these may be more Transformer toys or we may see the company take the toys in a new direction. If Hasbro can continue to make good quality KRE-O sets like these ones though there is no reason why the sets can’t run for many years into the future.


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