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Buy Lego Minifigs | A Collection of Lego People & Mini Figures

Updated on July 27, 2012

The Lego mini figure is one of the most identifiable toy and mini figurine on earth. The present modern minifigures were launched in 1978. Seven of these minifigs accompanied the initial three classic play themes of Castle, Town and Space and Lego has not looked back ever since then.

The initial Lego minifigs were produced with simple facial expressions with 2 dots making the eyes and a smile. Their bodies were single colored. Later developments from Lego include having different facial expressions, headgear and accessories like helmets and caps, varied limbs like hooks and pegs in another classic, the Pirates series. A whole series of accessories to the basic Lego minifig model followed, with horses for example, and items that the minifig can hold in their hands like swords, bows and worktools.

The modular design of Lego allows the customization of many minifigs. For example in recent years, there have been tie-ups to produce Lego minifigs from the star wars franchise and the harry potter series to name a few. It's estimated that there were 3.7 BILLION Lego minifigs in the world in 2003!

The Basic Lego Minifigs

Classic Lego minifigs include those frm the Town, Castle, Pirates and Space series. As you go along, you might want to pick up some special collectibles but let's start with those that we are familiar with and close to our hearts.

The Star War series

The Star Wars series is beloved by many. Many of the star wars heroes and villans are available in Lego miniatures and are a must in any collection. The Darth Vader and the Imperial Royal Guards Lego mini figurines look simply awesome. Check them out!

The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is here to stay as part of our popular literature. It has spawned countless fan-fiction and entire movie series brings our imagination to the big screen and is wildly popular. Recreate the world of wizards and magic with some of the very interesting and cute Lego minifigs!

Batman series

The stock of batman took a hit with some pretty bad movies but the recent hit of the Dark Knight has made the caped crusader cool once more. Collect the Lego minifigs of Batman together with his foes and allies!

Other Lego minifigs

It's almost impossible to list down all the Lego minifigs but other notable series include the Indiana Jones series and there is also minifigs of NBA characters like Kobe Bryant! Have fun with your Lego collection!


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      joseph lewis 

      8 years ago

      wow u need to lower ur prices


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