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Buy Lego Soccer

Updated on March 17, 2011

Lego Soccer was one of the most popular series produced by Lego but was discontinued in 2006. Kids and Adults were equally transfixed by translating the World Game to the tabletop with the immense variety of models that were available. You could replicate the real match atmosphere with Stadium, dugouts, teams and training kits. Please also see my other Lego Soccer hub for other discontinued sets.

Ebay is a great source for new and used Lego sets plus all these discontinued sets and they can be at extremely reasonable prices, Ebay also gives you a huge variety to choose from as well as allowing you to still find items that are no longer available

Grandstand with Stadium Lights No. 3402

This set was released in 2000 and included a Grandstand with Stadium lights for use with the Soccer pitch. Also included were 2 minifigure fans and also a Soccer ball (however strangely no players to use the ball). This set contains 59 pieces.

Grandstand with Scoreboard No 3403

This set was released in 2000 the set contains a Grandstand with a scoreboard on top of it plus 3 minifigure fans and a Soccer ball (however strangely no players to use the ball).This set contains 81 pieces.

Championship Challenge No 3409

This set was released in 2001 and contained a medium sized Soccer/Football pitch along with 5 balls. Also included were 12 minifigure Soccer players, which are split between 2 Goalkeepers, 5 Red and White Players and 5 Green and White Players . The set contains an impressive 274 pieces.

However rather strangely this set does not include a scorekeeper in order to keep score.

Field Expansion Set No. 3410

This set was released in 2000 and contained a lot of expansion pieces to make your Soccer/Football pitch bigger, by four square pieces, also included was an extra Soccer ball. There were 4 extra minifigures included in this set 2 green and white players and 2 red and blue players. This set contains 49 pieces.

Women's Soccer Team No. 3416

This set was released in 2001 and was an extension pack containing a complete Soccer team of women players. Included in the set were 6 minifigure Soccer players including 1 goalkeeper and 5 yellow and blue team players with different coloured ponytails to denote their female status. In addition there was another Field square section, a Soccer ball, a Goal and Target for shooting practice. This set contains 62 pieces.

Point Shooting No. 3418

This set was released in 2001 and contained a board with points on them, a minifigure soccer player kicker, and a soccer ball. This was also released as Set No. 3412 which was the same set but just a different number and release time.

This set contains 24 pieces.

Precision Shooting No 3419

This set was released in 2001 and contained 1 minifigure soccer player kicker, a goal with a spinner of two balls to aim at and a brick with 2 goalies. This set was also released as No. 3414 which was the same set but just a different number and release date.

This set contains 23 pieces.

Lego Soccer Team Coach No.s 3404, 3405, 3406 and 3407

These sets were released in 2000 and contained Coaches or Buses for transporting your Lego Soccer players to the game. The sets came in a variety of colours Red, Black, Blue, an Americas team and a French Team. Each set contained 126 pieces including 6 minifigures of 5 Soccer players and one driver. Also included is a Soccer ball

Lego Super Sport Coverage No. 3408

This set was released in 2000 and contained the Sports Broadcasting outfit for your Lego Soccer stadium including a camera stand on a gantry plus other buildings. Also included were 5 minifigures. This set contains a great 213 pieces.


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