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Buy Lego Soccer Part 2

Updated on March 16, 2011

Lego Soccer was one of the most popular series produced by Lego but was discontinued in 2006. Kids and Adults were equally transfixed by translating the World Game to the tabletop with the immense variety of models that were available. You could replicate the real match atmosphere with Stadium, dugouts, teams and training kits. Please also see my other Hub on Lego Soccer for other sets that were produced

Ebay is a great source for new and used Lego sets plus all these discontinued sets and they can be at extremely reasonable prices, Ebay also gives you a huge variety to choose from as well as allowing you to still find items that are no longer available

Grand Soccer Stadium No. 3569

This set was released in 2006. It contained a Huge Soccer stadium with lights, goals and scoreboard and also included 12 minifigure Soccer players with 2 goalkeepers and two teams of five players that can be in a mixture of Red and White tops and White and Black shorts, a Soccer Ball was also included. Also includes Adidas, Philips, and LEGO stickers for the stadium side boards and stickers for the players' uniforms. This set contains 386 pieces.

The set comes with a 22-by-14-inch tray that serves as the stadium and base for the field. A few extra touches, such as stadium lights, goals, and a scoreboard are also included. The game is played by manipulating the players with a rear lever to rotate or move side to side for real game play. While the Grand Soccer Stadium’s action is not as fast as that on a foosball table, it’s definitely passable as a mock game of soccer.

Play against your friends in this fantastic football stadium. Set up the scoreboard, goals and floodlights, and then field your Dream Team in your favourite colours (as long as they are Red,White and Black)

Championship Challenge II No. 3420

This set was released in 2002 and contained a smaller soccer stadium with two small scoreboards in which to play a 6-a-side game of soccer. The set also includes 12 minifigure soccer players, which include 2 goalkeepers and two teams of 5 players which can have white or red tops and white or blue shorts. Also included are 3 soccer balls

Championship Challenge II brings even more action and excitement to a soccer/football game. The players can make sliding tackles and the goalies can move up, down, and side to side to block shots, plus other new elements make it easier than ever to move the soccer stadium anywhere.

3 v 3 Shootout No. 3421

This set was released in 2002 and contained a small 8 inch by 16 inch pitch to play a 3 aside game. There are 6 minifigure Soccer players, which includes 2 goalkeepers and 4 outfield players also included are two soccer balls including a mini Adidas World Cup ball. This set contains 221 pieces.

The set has improved goalie functions which allows them to move up, down, and side to side to protect the goal.

Shoot 'n' Save No. 3422

This set was released in 2002. The set includes a shooting range and goal to allow you to practice your shooting and goalkeeping. It includes 2 minifigure Soccer players including one goalkeeper and one outfield player and three soccer balls. This set contains 106 pieces.

The 160 pieces assemble quickly to offer fun challenges for multiple or solitary play. Simple yet ingenious mechanisms allow the players to shoot the soccer balls towards the goalie on a stick who happens to have two over sized yellow hands for saving shots. For added difficulty you can wind the spring behind the goalie to make him move backwards and forwards for extra territorial protection.

This is a great toy to test your scoring ability and to have fun. It teaches you where to shoot and the amount of power you need to score

Freekick Frenzy No. 3423

This set was released in 2002.The set contains various targets with scoring points on them and a goal, along with 2 minifigure soccer players, including one goalkeeper and one outfield player. Also included are two soccer balls. This set contains 51 pieces.

This set lets players challenge each other in a precision shooting competition. The outfield player attaches to a small lever that, when pulled back, releases the ball in a kicking motion and the ibject is to aim the ball through various targets with scores and into the goal.

Target Practice No. 3424

This set was released in 2002. The set is a smaller set than those above and includes a goal with two static "dummies" to avoid and a target to aim at. There is one minifigure soccer players as well as 2 soccer balls. This set contains 36 pieces.

Grand Championship Cup No. 3425

This set was released in 2002 and was a full sized version of Set number 3420 Championship Challenge. The pitch was huge and included 22 minifigure soccer players so you could play a full 11 a side game additionally there were 4 soccer balls including the all important Adidas World Cup ball. This set contained a massive 547 pieces including a whole load of stickers for the Italy, Brazil, Canada (?) and the US.

Adidas Team Transport No. 3426

This set was released in 2002 and consisted of the team coach to transport your soccer players to the stadium. There were 6 minifigures consisting of 5 soccer players and one driver plus one soccer ball. The set contained 125 pieces.


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