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Buy Moshi Monsters Plush Toys Online

Updated on December 4, 2012
General Fuzuki - Moshi Monsters plush toy
General Fuzuki - Moshi Monsters plush toy

Moshi Monsters, the hugely successful online game for children, has loads of spin-off merchandize for sale, among them Moshi Monsters Plush Toys.

The thing about Moshi Monsters is that they are extremely popular, and so if you buy aMoshi Monster plush toy, you know it will be immensely enjoyed by whoever you give it to.

There are loads of character to choose from, and every child would love to start a collection of them, much as they do with the Moshi Monsters Mash Up cards which is now a world-wide phenomenon.

Moshi Monsters plush toys are adorable, and what little girl or boy wouldn't want one to carry about with him or her everywhere.

They all come with a special unlock code called an online item code, to use in the Moshi Monster game.

Some of them can talk too, so can bring a lot more fun as well as lots of soft cuddles.

Moshi Monsters Plush Toys
Moshi Monsters Plush Toys | Source

As you can see from the little girl in the photograph here, Moshi Monsters plush toys can be quite big, or they can be tiny like the General Fuzuki figurine at the top of the page.

If you are planning on buying some Moshi Monsters plush toys online, and the vendor does not state the size of the toy, then scroll down and check out the comments section of the buying page, whether that be Amazon or whoever.

A good guide where it doesn't say, is to check the weight of the package it will arrive in.

The bigger Moshi Monsters plush toys weigh around the 2 lbs mark, while the mini-plush toys weight around 2 ozs.

It is important to know for certain which one you are buying, because you don't want your child to be disappointed.

The little mini plush toys are excellent for carrying around in pockets and bags, where your child will feel she always has a little friend with her.

This can be important for children that are feeling nervous or frightened, perhaps going into hospital or starting a new school.

While your child may be doing none of these things, imagine how much more comforting it will be for her when she does face one of those things, if she has her little Moshi Monster plush toy with her?

This is the little Moshi Monster Moshlings mini-plush toy whose photo is above, and he is ever so cute!

An absolute sweetie-pie that no child could resist!

To be fair, it does say 'mini-plush toy' in the title, and the weight in the page says 1.6 ounces, but nowhere (that I can see) does it say what size the plush toy is.

If you go over and read the comments you will see one very disapppointed Mama posting because the figurine was so small!

I'd buy a little General Fuzuki, even if it was tiny, because it is so sweet-looking, and also because no matter how small, it is perfect for giving any child that little extra confidence when she (or he) needs it most.

Katsuma talking plush toy

All the Moshi Monsters have a name and an individual look, so your child will know right away which one it is.

Shown here is a Katsuma talking plush toy. To hear it talk, all you have to do is squeeze its tummy and it either talks, giggles or laughs.

It comes with an adoption certificate, 3LRR batteries so it will work right away straight out of the box, and it is 23 cms tall - which is 9" tall in real money.

There is a huge selection of talking or non-talking Moshi Monsters plush toys, and they all come with a special unlock code that your child can use online to exchange for special goodies.

Simply nip through to Amazon to see an even wider selection.


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