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Moshi Monsters Bandz to Wear, Share and Collect

Updated on June 14, 2012

Fans of the fabulous Moshi Monsters have been waiting on the availability of Moshi Monster Bandz, and they are available now.

Moshi Monsters, the British creation and safe social networking site for children aged 7 - 11, is taking the world by storm.

Now kids not only have their Moshi Monsters toys, games and figurines, they have the bandz that they can wear on their wrists, and share with friends.

A whole new set of collectibles, Moshi Monsters bandz are what you kids have been waiting for, and Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters, have brought out some brightly colored and highly-sought after bandz that kids will love.

Moshi Monster Bandz
Moshi Monster Bandz

The Moshi Monsters are a delightful collection of figurines that children collect. With each figure comes a code, that allows kids to interact with not only the character, but with the characters belonging to other children when they go online and sign up to the Moshi Monsters social network.

In a safe and monitored environment, children can interact online through pin boards and the Moshi Monsters forum, both of which are moderated.

They are encouraged to adopt a Monster online, and through a series of interactive games and puzzles, learn to care for their pet while earning 'rewards' that their monster pet can enjoy.

Moshi Monsters online is free as well as highly educational, encouraging and rewarding arithmetical, spacial and creativity skills.

Read more about how safe and educational the online world of Moshi Monsters is for your child. Moshi Monsters Parents Advice Page.

Moshi Monsters gift pack and contents
Moshi Monsters gift pack and contents | Source

Moshi Monsters Gift Pack

Moshi Bandz Party Handz

The super Moshi Monsters Gift pack contains a whole host of items your child is sure to love.

Included in the pack are:

3-month Moshi Monsters membership card

• Three 3-day friendship membership cards to invite your friends into the game

• Moshi Monsters "IGGY" toy

• Collectible Moshi Monsters trading cards

• Moshi Monsters sticker pack

• Moshi Monsters postcards

• Exclusive Moshi Monsters in-game item

• Moshi Bandz pack

Someone forgot to add these important details to the Amazon entry for this product, so I searched around and found it. The all-important bandz are there as well as everything your children need to get started at

Moshius Bandus - Moshi Bandz In The Wild


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