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Buy New Flufflings Online - Cheap Prices On Loco, Mindy, Okki

Updated on December 6, 2011

If you are looking for all the latest information on the new Flufflings toys then look no further. One this page we are going to review the new Flufflings, check out prices and where to buy these online at a good cheap price. Basically, for everything you need to know about Flufflings this can be your one stop guide.

These toys hit the shops in 2011. Made by Vivid Toy Group, originally they were named Fufflings but the names was soon changed to Flufflings. These cute little toys look like being one of the biggest sellers over Christmas and the New Year and children really do seem to love these cute little balls of hair. So if you are wondering what exactly a Fluffling is, where to buy them online and how much they cost, then that is what we are going to tell you.

Mindy The Fluffling

All New Flufflings

So first of all, what exactly is a Fluffling? Well as you can see from the picture, it is simply a cute ball of hair. But these toys are more than just a soft cuddly toy, they are actually interactive and will respond to your child’s voice and movements. Each toy has a few different sounds programmed in such as a purr, sneeze, giggle and they even sing you a song. The toys can roll around and even jump which can take you by surprise first time you see it. The toys are designed to react to your child’s voice and also react when they are moved around.

There are three different characters that you can buy. These all have their own responses, actions and are each said to have their very own personality. So let’s meet the little creatures. First of all we have Okki. Okki is purple and is said to be the shy quiet one of the group. Next up we have Mindy, she seems to be a favourite with little girls and her bright pink color makes her ever so girly and sweet. Finally there’s Loco, as the name suggests Loco is that little bit crazy and mischievous.

Toys are sold separately and each come with batteries included. They are not for children under 3 years of age as they have parts which could be consider small. Ideal for young children though these are simple yet fun toys that will really put a smile on most children’s faces.

Buy Online At Cheap Prices

These do seem a little tricky to buy online for some reason. There are a few available on Amazon and it may be that as these are still quite new toys the demand for Flufflings has not yet led many Amazon sellers to stock them. Maybe in the near future we will see more toys appear on there and the prices will get cheaper. If you are looking to buy a Fluffling online then eBay could well be your best bet. The prices on there seem very competitive and as always if you bid wisely you can certainly pick up a few bargains. It is expected the demand for these will increase as Christmas comes so if you want one before then best to buy online sooner rather than later. In the new year we will probably see the price of these become cheaper.

As you can see the new Flufflings really are a cute little toy that would be ideal for many young children. With so many other popular interactive toys around at the moment such as Fijit Friends and other similar toys, Flufflings certainly do have some stiff competition. But as the price of these seems to be a little cheaper they will no doubt be big sellers. If you want to delight your children over the holiday period why not buy them their very own Fluffling.


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