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Buy New WWE Squinkies For 2012 Online - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on January 12, 2012

Today we are going to take a look at the new WWE Squinkies for 2012. We will review the new toys, talk about prices, release dates and where to buy them online. We will also review all the new characters to be found in these new sets. If you are looking for any information on these new WWE Squinkies then you should find everything you need here on this page.

Over the past few years Squinkies have become massively popular. These simple little figures come in gum balls and you can even buy different dispensers for them. The company behind Squinkies have moved fast and brought out various different sets of the toys, these are usually referred to as Bubble Packs. We have seen many well known characters and the company are always looking for new ideas and new products.

2012 Sees The Release Of WWE Squinkies

One of the most hotly anticipated releases for 2012 was the WWE sets that were to be brought out. These are already on sale in America and they are been snapped up fast. As for release dates in other countries we will have to keep you posted as to when that happens. There are 3 new series of the WWE Squinkies and these all contain 12 new characters and three of these will be mystery balls. So let’s now take a closer look at each of the new series’.

Series 1 - The first series then will contain 12 new figures all based on well known WWE superstars. Having seen the figures they are very nice although some may be a little bit hard to recognise. The figures in series 1 are going to be: R-Truth, Kevin Nash, Kane, The Rock, Triple H, Alberto Del Rio, Santino Marella, Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, Sheamus, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and John Cena.

Series 2 - The second set will again feature 12 new characters and again there will also be three mystery balls. The idea behind these is that you don’t know what your getting so it’s a nice surprise. The WWE stars in this series will be: Booker T, Big Show, Edge, Heath Slater, Mr. Perfect, Big Boss Man, Yokozuna, Jake The Snake Roberts, Zack Ryder, Batista, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio.

Series 3 - The final series of WWE Squinkies will again feature 12 more figures and 3 of these will be mystery ones as well. These are going to be: British Bulldog, Hornswoggle, Undertaker, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, Randy Orton, John Morrison and Sgt, Slaughter.

Prices & Buying Online

If you are looking to buy these online then you can head over to Amazon and get them there. Currently the price is at around $15 but you may be able to pick these up for cheaper as more places start to stock them. Sometimes you can even pick up individual ones over on eBay. These are a very good price and value you would have to say as you really are not paying that much and yet getting 12 new little toys.

Over the course of 2012 we are going to see lots more Squinkies hitting the shops. As well as the new WWE ones we are also going to see new Spongebob Squarepants characters, three new cars series’, Power Rangers and also a few new sets for girls. We are also going to see Locket Surprise which is a series of toys that lets girls make their own necklaces and add things including little figures. There will also be new dispensers and various other new toys that go along with the little figures. These have fast become one of the most collectable items around for children and 2012 looks like being a very successful year for the people behind the toys. If you like the look of these new WWE Squinkies then we are sure that your children would love to get hold of one of the new packs.


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