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New Squinkies For 2012 - Boys & Girls Squinkies Sets

Updated on March 27, 2012

On this page we are going to take a look at some of the new Squinkies for 2012. We will take a look at some of the new exciting characters, take a look at pictures, release dates and see how much they are likely to cost. We will take a look at new Squinkies for both boys and girls and basically let you know everything you need to know about the Squinkies coming out in 2012.

These toys have been around a while now. They are massively popular with young children and are great fun. The toys are simply little characters that come in plastic gumball shells. There is now a massive range of characters to choose from and as well as the little soft figures you can also buy dispensers for the balls. Squinkies are produced by a company called Blip Toys and they really are growing in popularity very quickly. There are already a massive range of toys out there but we are going to see some exciting new products for 2012.

SpongeBob Squinkies

New Boys Squinkies For 2012

One of the clever things that Blip Toys has done is create two entirely different lines of toys when it comes to Squinkies. Basically there is a range for boys and a range for girls. So first of all let’s take a look at the new range of boys Squinkies that we are going to see released in 2012. First up then we are going to see three new Bubble Packs featuring WWE legends and superstars. They are simply to be called WWE series 1, series 2 and series 3. Each series contains 12 brand new Squinkies and these look set to be very popular over the coming year.

As well as the WWE range we are also going to see a new range of SpongeBob SquarePants toys. Again there are going to be three new series’ of these toys and each one will contain 12 different characters. Fans of SpongeBob will love these toys as they are characters children will no doubt be familiar with and this theme seems to fit the Squinkie format perfectly.

Next up we have a range of Power Rangers toys. Power Rangers have been very popular with children for many years so it’s no great surprise that Blip Toys have gone with this theme. Again they are going to release three separate Bubble Packs. They will simply be series 1, 2 and 3. Each pack will contain 12 Power Rangers figures and again they will be characters that many children will instantly recognise.

The final set for boys we are going to see is the Power Wheels sets. We already have 3 series’ of these toys but as they were so popular Blip Toys are bringing out Series 4, 5 and 6. You can already buy Hot Wheels dispensers so no doubt the company will sell more of these when they release the new range of Hot Wheels Squinkies in 2012. So as you can see there are quite a few new sets of Squinkies to be released soon. But what about for girls?

Minnie Mouse

New Squinkies For Girls

Unlike the boys collections the girls new products seem to focus a little more on actual toys rather than just new characters. First of all there are going to be two sets of Minnie Mouse Squinkies released. These are going to be released in Bubble Packs and will feature a range of new characters and also some small toys for the characters to play with. Obviously Minnie Mouse is a very popular character so these will no doubt go down very well with young girls.

Another new release is going to be Locket Surprise. These toys are very simple but very clever. They are basically like jewellery, you get a necklace then a range of little characters, beads and a locket that you can attach to your necklace. Then you can of course wear it like you would a real necklace. The characters are interchangeable and children can mix and match the pieces to create unique necklace designs. There are three sets of these Locket Surprise toys and each one has a different theme. We are going to see a Jungle set, a Kitties set and a Puppies set.

The main range of Squinkies toys for girls seems to be sets such as a Hollywood Limo, Teapot Playhouse, Folding Barn and a few new dispensers. One of the most popular looking toys seems to be the new Barbie dispenser, obviously girls love Barbie so being able to combine Barbie with Squinkies really will excite a lot of children.

Prices & Buying Online

One of the biggest attractions of these is the price. They have always been fairly cheap and compared to other toys around at the moment such as Fijit Friends or the new Flufflings toys these really do seem to be good value. Most of the Bubble Packs we have already seen released cost around the $15 mark. As you usually get around 12 new Squinkies per pack they do represent pretty good value. It is expected that the new releases for 2012 will likely cost a similar amount.

When it comes to buying online there are some really nice deals to be had over at eBay. You can buy sets of them there or you can often pick up mixed lots or even individual characters at some very good prices. When the new toys are released there will also be some good deals over on Amazon which is a great place to shop around for a bargain.

As you can see Blip Toys really are pushing the boat out in 2012 and bringing out some great new Squinkies. These toys seem to be so popular with children at the moment and as the company release more and more of these cute little characters it looks as if the demand for them will continue to increase. Hopefully this page will have given you a good idea of what to expect and you can now look forward to the release of some of these exciting new Squinkies.

Latest Squinkies Releases & News

Since originally writing this article on new Squinkies for 2012 Blip Toys have been busy bringing out even more toys for people to enjoy. In the past month or so we have seen the introduction of two new dispensers. The first one of these is the Crazy Crane, this seems to be aimed mainly at boys but girls like this one as well. It is based on the classic arcade claw game where you try and grab a prize. The other new dispenser is based on Minnie Mouse, with this one you also get a few Minnie Mouse Squinkies and this is proving to be a popular addition to the ones already loved by girls.

The latest actual bubble pack release is the Marvel Avengers pack. This will no doubt be massively popular when the Avengers movie hits are screen in the spring of 2012. There are 8 new characters in this pack and we see classic superhero characters such as The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America in this set.

As the year progresses there will no doubt be more toys released and we will update you as to these if and when they happen.


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