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Buy Special Effect Lomo Jelly Lens Filters for Mobile Phone Cameras

Updated on March 16, 2011

Ever wanted to take special effect shots like the Holga or the Fisheye lomo on your mobile phone camera? Now you can! Every mobile phone comes equipped with a camera nowsadays and the jelly lens special effect filters offers you a low cost alternative to attain those unique shots just like a Holga or the Fisheye!

What is a jelly lens?

Jelly lens generally has an a self adhesive ring made of silicon that can be reused and does not leave a sticky residue when removed. It can be used with a mobile cell phone camera, webcam, or a digital camera. The lens is often made of acrylic and there are a variety of effects that range from wide-angle, panoramic, fish-eye, heart frame, polarized or a kaleidoscope effect. The jelly lens also comes with a bungee attachment that allows it to be hooked to a camera or cell phone for easy carrying & portability.

Hence, you can create a variety of shots with various lenses using your mobile phone all at one go!

Why a Jelly lens?

  • Use your existing mobile phone camera to create fun effects for your shots
  • The jelly lens filter is removable and reusable with the adhesive ring
  • Get unparalleled flexibility with various lens effects
  • Their small sizes make then ultraportable
  • Experiment with various effects at a fraction of the cost!


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