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Holga Camera Lens & Accessories | Lomo Camera Gear

Updated on April 6, 2013

Holga cameras are associated with their plastic lens and the characteristic vignetting effect of the photos. In addition to the standard lens that is inbuilt into the Holga body, a variety of add-on Holga lens are available to create more varied types of effects.Some examples include the fisheye lens and panoramic lens that can be added on top of the existing plastic lens for this medium format camera as a second layer.

In addition, a variety of accessories can be added onto to the holga body to expand it's functions. For example, there is a detachable horseshoe flash with color filters. An adapter is also available to enable you to use the standard 35mm film instead of medium format film for your camera.

This article reviews some of the holga camera add-on lens and accessories that you can get to expand the capabilities of your holga!

Plastic Fisheye Lens

This additional fisheye lens is added onto the existing holga camera body as a second layer. It enables the holga camera to take very wide angle shots with fisheye distortions for added effect. It's for the Holga 120 cameras only.

This variant features a focus range of from 1cm to Infinity. It has a focal length of 25.2 mm with a 60° angle of view. The lens has three groups with 3 elements. It includes the mounting ring for use with the Holga camera as is, and an additional one for use when using the Polaroid back on the Holga camera. This fisheye lens can also be used with any available 46mm step up ring.

Slip On Filters and Adaptors

Finally! An easy way to use filters with your Holga. This adapter slips easily over the lens of your Holga camera and stays firmly in place. No glue, hooks or tape needed. Specially designed filters slide easily into place. Expand your Holga universe and spur your creativity with this incredible adapter.

35mm Film Adaptor

This 35mm Film Adaptor Kit allows for the use of 35mm film in any Holga 120 medium format camera. This kit includes a plastic insert that replaces your existing battery cover/120 insert with one that guides 35mm film through the camera with a solid back without red window.

Shutter Release

This Holga Shutter Release Set comes with shutter release adapter and premium 12" shutter release cable with auto lock/unlock mechanism. A custom adapter fits snugly over the lens of your Holga camera allowing you to use a cable release.

Flash Mount

This all-manual compact light-weight flash features a a hot shoe with a locking ring and a constant guide number of 22 ft. It is designed for the Holga 120S camera, but may also be used with other manual cameras.


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