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Buy Vintage Star Wars Toys Online

Updated on June 27, 2011

The Story Behind VIntage Star Wars Toys

Vintage Star Wars toys and action figures are very collectible on the toy market. Who would have thought when the original Star Wars movie came out that the vintage Star Wars toys would be so collectible this many years later.

The Star Wars movie was a hit from the get go. Star Wars fans went to see the movie over and over again. The technology that made that movie so exciting at the time made you feel compelled to see it more than once.

Both kids and adults grew to love the characters of Yoda, Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. They feared the awesome Darth Vader. The original Star Wars trilogy was a collection of characters that movies had not seen before.

The toys started to be manufactured in droves. Kids have to have complete sets of all of the characters. Actions sets and vehicles came off the toy shelves faster then they could make them. But where are all those toys now?

The smart ones saved the vintage Star wars toys in boxes... never touched and completely uncirculated. The others played with them and made them a part of their lives. But where can you get those collectible vintage Star Wars toys now?

Guide To Buying Vintage Star Wars Toys Online

If you are looking for vintage Star Wars Toys, the best place to find items is on Ebay. Ebay is a an auction site where buyers and sellers can get together to make deals. When you see an item you like, you simply bid on it and if you are the winning bidder the item will be shipped right to your home.

It really is fun to shop for vintage Star Wars toys on Ebay because you can sit in the comfort of your own home and shop for fun items. If you have never tried shopping on Ebay it is very simple. Ebay makes sure that their sellers provide excellent customer service and secure transactions.

On this page I have some of the vintage Star Wars toys that are for sale on Ebay right now. You can click on any of the pictures for more details and you will be taken directly to the Ebay site where you can see the entire selection of vintage Star Wars toys that are currently available.

More Vintage Star Wars

When the Star Wars Movie came out, they also came out with many items featuring the Star Wars theme. You will be able to find both board games and video games.

How cool would it be to buy a vintage Star Wars game and give it as a gift to a vintage Star Wars collector. Of course you can just keep it for yourself and enjoy playing the vintage Star Wars games.

Its a fun idea to buy a vintage Star Wars vehicle and locate the characters for it. A hobby is to complete a vintage Star Wars play set with all the piece.

The Star Wars Action figures are probably the most popular of the vintage Star Wars items. You can find plenty of them on Ebay.

Take a look around at all the vintage Star Wars toys and accessories that are for sale. You will have fun shopping for vintage Star Wars toys on Ebay. Remember if you don't see what you like you can click on a picture and that will take you directly to the Ebay site where you can search for the exact vintage Star Wars toy you are looking for. Enjoy!

If you like vintage items you can shop online for vintage items including vintage toys and other old and collectible items.

Vintage Star Wars Toys
Vintage Star Wars Toys


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    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      I have always loved Chewbacca best, maybe it's a dog lover thing? Your vintage star wars toys really take me back! A neat memory, thanks.