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COD Black Ops 2 How To Stay Alive

Updated on November 17, 2012

What happened!!?

When you get used to playing a game like Modern Warfare 3 for as long as we all did you get used to where to run to and what load-outs you need for each map, Then along comes a brand new game called Black Ops 2 and we all run around the maps like headless chickens and wonder why our K/D ratio is under 0.50. This is quite normal for a new call of duty game but for those that are still struggling after a couple of days I have written this hub to give you advice and tips on staying alive.

In case your wondering my K/D ratio on Team deathmatch which is what I play most of is 1.10, sure not the greatest but better than average. I feel after playing the game for around 18 hours already im quite qualified to help you guys with strategies and tips. Of course if your K/D ratio is better and you would like to offer up some tips of your own then feel free in the comments section.

Do's And Dont's

Ok so there are several do's and dont's which apply to all Call Of Duty games and specifically Black Ops 2 which at the moment I find quite frantic in terms of its pace, this may be quite daunting to fairly new players so here is my quick list of Do's and Dont's.

  • Never Reload your weapon out in the open, Your asking to be shot.
  • Never Reload your weapon after shooting someone, His buddy is just coming round the corner, Make sure if you have to reload after shooting someone that you duck and cover.
  • Try not to run around corners as it takes that much longer to raise your weapon in the case of an enemy appearing.
  • Try to use the suppressor when you get the option to as it always makes it easier when your opponent cant see your shots fired appear on the mini map.
  • Always use your mini map, I probably spend around half the time watching the mini map so as soon as someone fires I can see where they are and run towards the red dot, If your working with a friend you can also corner them.
  • Go into the maps on training mode with maybe just you or just you and a buddy and learn all the good places to go to.
  • Don't ignore the busy areas thinking you will get killed, just think of it as more people to kill. The main room on Slums for example.
  • Never stay still for too long or leave an entrance to a room unguarded as this will always lead to a kill for your opponent.

Plan Your Pointstreaks

So in Black Ops 2 we have pointstreaks instead of killstreaks, So when you reach a certain number of points you get rewarded with pointstreaks whuch are designed to kill or disorient the enemy, Use them wisely and pick them from the start to match your gameplay, If you feel you can easily get 1275 points without dying and can be rewarded with attack dogs (Which I have yet to see) then by all means choose that pointstreak.

Please dont be boastful when it comes to picking these, be honest with yourself. I myself have gone with UAV, Care package and Guardian. The highest being 500 points, The care package is ideal for those of us who cant get 1000 points in a row reguarly as it gives us the chance of recieving a deadly arsenal we might not otherwise recieve.

Thats it with pointstreaks, Just pick wisely guys.


So that's it about it for part one in my Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 series, Just some basic tips guys and gals, but if you pay attention to them they can definitely help you weather your the novice or the seasoned pro, Believe me we all run around a corner while reloading every now and then!. Till next time that's it.


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