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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - SMR attachments

Updated on March 27, 2013
My SMR Loadout
My SMR Loadout


The SMR is a semi-automatic assault rifle that has the highest overall damage output per bullet without attachments, with a headshot multiplier of 1.2x. It is slow firing, and it requires a trigger pull for each shot. There is no cocking time, as it is semi-automatic, but even with quick fingers, you will find that the time between shots is quite long.

The SMR is capable of 2-shot kills at up to medium-long range, and 3-shots at long range. If you're good with your aim and quick on the trigger, you can do well with this weapon.

The loadout that I have chosen for myself is shown to the side. This is just how I like to setup my SMR, and is by no means the only way to go. With the right attachments, you could almost snipe with this weapon, and with better hip-fire accuracy than a sniper rifle, you might be able to run it as a sniper alternative.

The attachments

Reflex Sight

Unloacked at weapon level 2, the Reflex sight is a basic sight that allows non-magified view of your target with a floating red dot in the middle to depict the expected target. Keeping your dot locked onto the target as much as possible will aid in a fairly quick kill.

Quickdraw Handle

Described as an "Ergonomic Handle for faster aiming". What this means is, when you pull the weapon into aim mode (Aim Down Sight or ADS), it will get to the full aim mode faster. On the SMR, this will be up to twice as fast as without the handle. This is unlocked at weapon level 3.

Fast Mag

Fast Mag allows you to reduce the reload time at weapon level 4. This looks like two magazines that are taped together and simply spinning fron one to the other reloads the weapon much quicker.

ACOG Scope

The ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is a telescopic sight which provides a slight zoom enhancement for your weapon. It is unlocked at weapon level 5.

Fore Grip

Unlocked at weapon level 6, this attachment reduces the recoil of the weapon after each bullet is fired.

Adjustable Stock

The Adjustable Stock increases the rate at which you move while aiming down sights (ADS). With all assault rifles, you move much slower than with a Submachine gun while aiming, so this increases your movement speed only while aiming. Unlocked at level 7.

Target Finder

One of the most debated attachments, this electronic sight puts a read diamond shape around enemy targets who are not running with Cold Blooded.

Laser Sight

This attachment, unlocked at level 9, allows for better accuracy when firing from the hip (in other words, you don't ADS, just pull the trigger).

Select Fire

At weapon level 10, you unlock Select Fire which allows you to switch between semi-automatic and full automatic modes. In full auto mode, the fire rate is slightly reduced. You will notice that it fires much slower than other weapons in full auto, but the added damage output helps to offset this a bit.

EOTech Sight

This sight slightly reduces your peripheral vision, but adds a zoom effect. It is a "holographic" sight and provides a zoom level between the ACOG and Reflex sights. It is unlocked at weapon level 11.


The Suppressor, once unlocked at weapon level 12, provides a silencer effect for your SMR. This prevents your gunfire from registering on the mini-map, so that you can somewhat mask your position. It does come at the cost of slightly reduced damage and increased recoil.

FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)

At level 13, you unlock the FMJ attachment which basically increases the penetration through materials so that you can hit target through walls, etc. It doesn't increase overall damage, just penetration through materials.

Hybrid Optic

This optic has two zoom levels (ACOG and Reflex) which can be switched by pressing on the left stick while in ADS mode. You cannot switch while not aiming, however, and there is no way to tell, without aiming, which one is currently active. This is unlocked at weapon level 14.

Extended Clip

This attachment which is unlocked at weapon level 15, provides extra ammo per clip to the tune of about a third more. It does, however, slightly reduce reload time. With more ammo per clip, your reloads will be slightly less, anyway.

Grenade Launcher

Often referred to as the "Noob Tube", this attachment allows you to fire grenades from the underside of your weapon. Grenades will explode on impact with a player or surface that is more than 5-6 meters away.

MMS (Millimeter Scanner)

The last attachment unlocked, at weapon level 17, this sight scans every 2-3 seconds to show enemies behind walls, etc. It cannot be combined with FMJ, however, as this would give the advantage of being able to see enemies through walls, then shoot them with the extra penetration output of FMJ.

My Loadout

For me, with the SMR, I like having the Select Fire attachment in spite of any other attachments I might choose. I am not great at aiming and firing at the same time, so being able to hold the trigger to fire multiple shots is an advantage for me.

I like the Adjustable Stock to increase my movement speed while aiming, and Fast Mag to reload faster and not get caught in a reload when someone walks around the corner. It still happens, but this reduces the chance and gets me back to fighting more quickly.

For perks, I like Hardline to decrease the score I need to reach to get to my Scorestreaks, Scavenger to pick up more ammo (and more Claymores to lay around for trap kills), and Dexterity to climb more quickly. Slow climbing, especially when on ladders or some of the long three-part climbs, can mean death. Getting up quickly is a good plan!

I like to keep Claymores as my lethal, and no tacticals on my assault class (since I use the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard in order to have a third attachment on the SMR). For my secondary, I like to take down UAVs, Counter-UAVS, and the occasional Dragonfire (but these are hard to hit as it takes a few moments to lock on, during which time you can be taken out by it), so I carry the FHJ-18 AA.

What About You?

So that is my info on the attachments for the SMR. Do you use it? Have a favourite set of attachments to use on it? I'd love to see other people's take on this weapon and how they use it.

If you want to read more of my COD: Black Ops 2 articles, check out the following:

I hope you enjoyed this hub, and look forward to your comments.


-- Slyde


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