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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 FULL Weapons List ( BO2 )

Updated on August 13, 2013


Okay, this guide is simply going to list all of the weapons that you will see in Black ops 2 with a short description about them. I will talk about in a later guide which weapons are better than other, once I get to use them all, and will say the best ones for each game type.

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There will be guides posted for online play, multi-player game types, set ups for each game mode, zombie guides, campaign guides, info guides, and anything that you need to know going into Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Before I get started, please feel free to ask questions,say your favorite weapons, or throw a shout out in the comments section at the bottom of the page, or check out my other Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guides by clicking the top of the page..

Also you can ask question on my Gamer Tag on Xbox Live IF need be... My gamer tag is MKS JohnR space between the two.

ALSO!!! - I am starting a new clan. If you are reading this feel free to message me on Xbox Live, or on Twitter. As of now I am only open to people on Xbox, but will be moving multi-platform in December/January. So please feel free to contact me with questions. Also I will have a Website specifically for the clan, and it will be pretty big.

Assault Rifles

Okay so first the assault rifles..

M8A1 - This is a pretty cool 4 round burst assault rifle. Also if your finger is quick enough can be used for rapid succession..

SCAR-H - This has been in a couple COD games, and is fully automatic, and pretty effective.

AN-94 - Another fully automatic assault rifle, although the first 2 bullets out of the gun will be at a higher fire rate.

SWAT-556 - This is a 3 shot burst weapon that has a high damage rate. The weapon itself in my opinion is similar to the Type 95 from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Type 25 - Well look here, the Type 95 from MW3, but a modified version. This gun is fully automatic, with a high rate of fire.

SA-58 - Well, the semi automatic was coming, and here it is. A good amount of damage with fairly low recoil. This gun is similar to the M21 from old COD games, or similar weapons..

SMR - ANOTHER Semi-Automatic assault rifle, although this is the highest damage weapon in the assault rifle class. This gun is a sweet weapon, that is very effective in the right hands.

M27 - This is a very effective fully automatic assault rifle with fairly low recoil.

MTAR - This is the FAD/Commando of Black Ops 2.. This is very powerful, and strong overall, and versatile..

Sub Machine Guns

MP7 - Well you should remember this from MW3 as it was the most popular SMG, it is strong, and very versatile as most SMG's are..

Scorpion Evo III - This has the highest rate of fire in the SMG section, and that hurts the damage, but still very effective, also full auto.

PDW-57 - The range on this is a little higher, damage is better than the Scorpion, and holds a lot of bullets. Overall fairly effective.

Chicom CQB - 3 shot burst SMG, that is very effective, and allows you to shoot very fast.

MSMC - LOW recoil, full automatic, and good range. Overall a great SMG

Vector K10 - This contains the same recoil technology as the pistol i talked about in my guide. This is pretty cool, and the last SMG you get. A very cool. gun..

Peacekeeper - Very effective, and sometimes considered overpowered, but very effective at close and medium range, and semi effective at long range.

Light Machine Guns

MK-48 - Very Powerful, and effective at long ranges.

QBB LSW - This has the highest rate of fire in the whole LMG class, which takes away from the power, but still effective.

LSAT - Overall very strong and powerful. Also effective and very versatile.

HAMR - This is cool. Over time you will notice the fire rate slows down, and the gun becomes much more accurate. Overall a very successful and effective gun.


R-870 MCS - Pump action shotgun, with strong power, and range.

M1216 - This is your standard full automatic shotgun we have seen in every COD game.

SAIGA-12 - Semi-Automatic shotgun that is only effective at short ranges.

KSG - The shotgun sniper rifle.. Well not really, but this bad boy pumps out a slug that is effective at long range, or short range, and is a new twist to the typical COD shotgun.

Sniper Rifles

BALLISTA - A sniper rifle that is deadly from the chest up, and is bolt action.

SVU-AS - Semi-Automatic sniper rifle, that is effective with a high fire rate.

DSR-50 - Deadly from the waist up, this bolt action sniper rifle is VERY powerful.

XPR-50 - Semi-Automatic sniper rifle that is also powerful deadly from the chest up.

The Specialty Weapon!

Assault shield.. There is only one weapon from the specialty classes, and instead of a riot shield, we get this. This is a ballistic proof blunt shield, and can be deployed on the map, and will allow you cover from fire. A very cool, and effective thing to carry.


So there you have it, A full list of weapons on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I will also talk about the specific weapons on each game mode at a later date, but at least you get the weapons now..


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Thank you, all fixed haha.. I wrote this before the game came out, so some of the info was changed.. BUT I would also note that after playing the game and using each weapon, that the true feel of each weapon is not as I said when initially writing this. I would say most guns are hard to compare to old games, but the m27 reminds me a lot of the m4 from cod4, or the commando

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      Well, a couple of things before I really start my comment: I don't recall there being an "SA-58" in BO2, and isn't it "SWAT-556," not "SIG556"? Also, you didn't have the Vector heading in bold, and you may want to add the Peacekeeper.

      Okay, now for the real comment: How would you compare some of these guns to similar ones from previous games? Personally, I think the M8A1 feels a LOT more like the CoD4 M16 did than the SWAT does. (You may also want to note that the slug from the KSG does actually vanish after a certain distance.)