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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 list of Scorestreaks ( Kill Streaks ) and point value needed

Updated on November 20, 2012


So this is my first of MANY Official Back Ops 2 guides. This is actual content for the game. In this Hub I will talk about the score streaks that are added, and how this is different from past Call of Duty games. I will include each of the score streaks, also I will include the point value needed for that kill streak.

Before I go any further let me say that if you want to stay on top of all of my Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 guides feel free to follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 , or . I will be posting guides for online play, multiplayer game types, set ups for each game mode, zombie guides, campaign guides, info guides, and anything that you need to know going into Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Also you can ask question on my Gamer Tag on Xbox Live IF need be.. My gamer tag is MKS JohnR space between the two.

Also please feel free to comment below.. I will also be posting links within the guide to my other Black Ops 2 guides as they are written and published.. Thanks

ALSO!!! - I am starting a new clan. If you are reading this feel free to message me on Xbox Live, or on Twitter. As of now I am only open to people on Xbox, but will be moving multi-platform in December/January. So please feel free to contact me with questions. Also I will have a Website specifically for the clan, and it will be pretty big.

The score streaks overview

Something that is new to this game is the implementation of Score Streaks instead of Kill Streaks. They are similar in the fact that if you get kills you will get your unlocks, BUT on top of that, now assists, and any points you earn will count towards your score streaks. So instead of JUST kills, Treyarch is allowing your entire score to be considered when you are looking at the benefits of getting those kill streaks. Also this guide is just telling you what the score streaks are, I will write a different guide saying what I think are the best Score streaks.. I will also try to compare each one of the kill streaks to something you may remember from other games is they are new, unless they are brought back from Black Ops..

Obviously it goes without saying that your score streak will reset to zero when you die, and that you can only equip up to three score streaks per game..


RC-XD - So obviously this was going to be brought back. This was VERY popular and fun to play with in Black Ops. You are essentially driving a remote control car with C4 attached to it, and drive the car around the map until you find the enemy.. and BOOM. You can unlock this Score streak if chosen for 325 points. You can detonate whenever, but be careful as well, because other players CAN shoot the car (if they are good enough aim)

UAV - Well this has been in EVERY Call of Duty game, so I should not have to go into a big explanation, but basically this will create a radar on the mini map that allows you to see players that do not have cold blooded equipped. This requires 375 points.

Hunter Killer - This is a cool new feature. When called in, this device will kill the nearest enemy player, or vehicle that is closest to the user. I think it will be popular assuming it kills more players that it does vehicles, but either way a cool device that will only cost you 400 points.

Care Package - Once again, shouldn't have to explain this one. Basically a package will drop from the heavens unleashing a random kill streak.. (Okay dropped from a helicopter) But still remember to get that before the enemy does, (Assuming you don't want to camp that, OR assuming they're not waiting for you to try to get it) This will cost 450 points.

Counter UAV - 475 Points.. This will make the enemies mini map turn into a static screen so they are unable to see you when you are shooting, or IF they had a UAV up, this will counter that. (I know kind of self explanatory, BUT there are people who need the explaining ;) )

Guardian - costing you 500 points.. This one is a little tougher to explain. Basically this will put a force field in the area around the machine that will stun and slow movements of the enemy. If I had to compare this, I would say kinda like the poison gas from previous COD's that impaired movement, or like the chemical claymores from survival mode in MW3.

Hellstorm Missile - coming in at 525 points. Okay, so this is the predator missile with a twist. In this you will be able to remote activate the predator missile whenever you want and will form a cluster bomb effect on the ground. Very cool, and a new twist to a CLASSIC weapon.

Lightning Strike - 550 points.. So this is basically the mortar strikes with a new name.. You will call in a strike to three positions on the map, and boom, there goes your enemy. Effective on open maps, or game modes like domination where you can see clear targets.. Also effective on Headquarters I guess.. But either way, I was not a big fan of the mortar strike, so I don't know how much I will use this..

DEATH MACHINE! - The death machine is a fun weapon to get in a care package, but for 600 points there are better choices I would choose. None the less, you will get a BIG Machine Gun known as the Death Machine, and it will last until it runs out of ammo EVEN if you die..

Sentry Gun.. This is pretty self explanatory, ALTHOUGH in Black Ops 2, you can control this at anytime by remote control. So that is pretty cool for a whopping 600 points. ( I would get these in care packages not by using my points)

War Machine!!!! - 700 points.. Okay.. I have been waiting for this since I saw this in Survival mode on MW3, but it is like a more refined version of the Reaper from Black Ops. Except you keep it until out of ammo, and is like the Death Machine but shoots grenades instead of bullets.

DragonFire - For 725 points you get a self operated helicopter. This is kinda like the drones in MW3 EXCEPT you will be equipped with a light machine gun on this thing. Also the DragonFire has the ability to easily be shot down, so make sure you shoot them first.

AGR - Well this should seem familiar.. For 800 points you will receive the AGR, or as you may remember it in MW3 the Assault Drone. The only difference is the AGR will be dropped on the map, and will be automatic, UNLESS you choose to take control by remote. You do have this option, but it is also equipped with a light machine gun, and rocket launcher, and LOTS of armor..

Stealth Chopper - So for 850 points you will receive the stealth chopper. This is pretty much an attack copter, from any other Call of Duty, except it will not show up on the enemy radar. Although to be completely honest. I NEVER looked on the radar for helicopters.. I typically looked up to shoot at them, so to me this is just a new attack copter.

Orbital VSAT - Okay, so this is essentially a SR71 from Black Ops. It is a radar that cannot be shot down, and will show which way the enemy is facing. It will also cost you 900 points.

Escort Drone -- 1000 points... Soo this is Black Ops version of the AH-6 overwatch. The helicopter will follow you around, give your position away, and attempt to shoot at enemy that it can actually hit (assuming they don't have Blind Eye equipped). To me I didn't like this on MW3 and DON'T like it now..

Warthog - 1025 points...... This is actually pretty cool. This is like a single plane strafe run that will make MULTIPLE runs on the map. Fairly effective, but not sure if I like it for 1025 points...

EMP System - For 1050 points I don't see many players using this. I did not see many players use this on MW3 when you could die and still receive this. I don't know why someone would focus so hard on getting a 1050 point streak, for just an EMP.. Seems ineffective if you ask me. Although this can be useful since it does disable all enemy electronics for a short amount of time.

Lodestar - Once again another kill streak from MW3.. This is JUST like the reaper, in that you will be able to fire multiple missiles at the ground, and control them on the way down. this will cost you 1150 points..

VTOL Warship.. Okay so here is your chopper gunner. For 1200 points you will control this helicopter, and will be able to take out as many enemy as possible on this powerful gunship. EXTREMELY effective on small maps as you can remember from Nuketown.

K9 Unit - 1275 points... CALL IN THE DOGS!!! This is a VERY popular Treyarch kill streak, and if you hear enemy dogs in bound get ready to shoot. These are vicious dogs that will swarm in and hunt down those enemy players..

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! THE Swarm - This is a WHOLE bunch of Hunter Killers that will swarm in and hunt out those pesky enemy troops.. AND it only costs you 1400 points.. I think I rather have dogs to be completely honest.


Okay, that is all your getting in this guide. Remember I will write a guide specifically based on which one of these are the best Score Streaks to use. Once again, follow me on Twitter to see my guides 24 hours before they are released to the general public, also feel free to check back for links to other guides I have written, or go to the top of the page, click on my name, and that will take you to a list of ALL my guides.... Thanks..


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