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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: Mob of the Dead Complete Guide Part 2- Buildables

Updated on June 10, 2013

I will bold the gist of this walkthrough however I add extra information that is not in bold that may be helpful if you are confused.


Just a quick note, if you are playing solo you can collect and build all parts at once. If you are playing with 2-4 players then you can only carry one part at time per person.

A key part of building the plane is the warden’s key. It can be found in 2 different places and is required to access every part. It can be found hanging outside of the Warden’s Office or outside the Cafeteria. When you first find the key, it is out of your reach. You need to go into afterlife and then jump through a portal that is on the fence- like section. The portals are not on the ground floor. It is also the same portal that you use to access the Warden’s Office if the key is at the Office. Once you have jumped through the portal you need to zap the lit up machine that is connected to the key. After doing this you need to collect the key from the area below where it was hanging. If you are playing multiplayer everyone gets the key.

Building the plane is essential in any zombies game as it allows you to pack a punch and get the Hell’s Redeemer. There are 5 parts to the plane. These are the Clothes, Valves, Propane Tanks, Rope and the Engine. These may not be the official names but it is what I call them.

The Clothes are located in the Laundry Room which can be accessed from 2 different directions. You can either activate the door in afterlife, using the portal on the wall next to the cafeteria, or you can go through the tunnels. The tunnels route is a lot more expensive. Then you need to open the gate to the laundry machine with your warden’s key and then afterlife to zap the metre on the wall. You then need to activate the washing machine, causing you to be locked into the room with lots more zombies spawning. There is also a high chance of Brutus spawning if he hasn't already. You then just collect your part.

The valves are the easiest part to collect. They are just in a cage when you are on your way up to the roof. There is no challenge or puzzle to opening this cage, just use your warden’s key and then collect the part.

The propane tanks are possibly the most complicated part to collect. They are located at the docks, through two doors. One is opened with the warden’s key, the other needs to be shocked. On solo, you just need to zap the metre and then the part will be all yours. However, if you are playing multiplayer then when you zap the metre it closes the door that is opened with the Warden’s key. Once someone else has collected the part, you need to zap the gate again and then the other side will open up and the person who collected the part will be able to walk away fine. A quick point for solo is that if you forget to use the Warden’s key and afterlife, you can jump the fence that is opened with the Key so you don’t have to use the key first.

The rope is another complex part and it is found at the docks side of the big spiral staircase in the Citadel Tunnels. You need to afterlife at the top of the stairs and then run down the stairs. On the way down you will see numbers appear on the walls. You need to type these numbers in at the machine at the bottom. This machine needs to be opened with the Warden’s key. Once you have typed in the right numbers the machine will become a 60 second timer. After 60 seconds you will not be able to collect the part. To reach the part you need to go through the door at the bottom of the spiral stairs and then take the door on the right. Go to the end of the corridor and the part will be there.

The engine is found in the Warden’s Office, however you need to activate the door by zapping machines at the docks. The machines are through the 1500 door next to the dog’s head at the docks. There are 3 machines in the room, one through a portal at the back of the room, and you need to zap all of these to allow you to open the Warden’s office part with the key.

Once you have all of these parts you need to add them on the ramp, which can be found on the roof and is opened by zapping a metre that is on the roof. To get to this metre you need to afterlife in the infirmary and then go into the corridor that is on the right and you will see a portal on the wall. Go through this portal and then jump onto the roof through the next portal. You can then just zap the metre and revive yourself.


The shield is one of the most valuable tools in the map. You can use it too bash zombies, making them fly comic distances. It also protects your back. You cannot take damage from back shots whilst it is there. It can break however. If can also be used to create a barricade by placing it on the ground and it can take a fair amount of punishment before breaking. It is a virtually essential item and it is best to build it at the table that is closest to where you plan to train as you will be able to constantly collect it when it breaks.

The shield has 3 parts to it: the dolly, the grate and the clamp.

The grate can be found in several locations. It can either be found on the tunnel leading between the 1500 door and the 2000 door at the docks. If it is not there then look along the tunnel, making sure to check all the walls, leading to where you collect the rope for the plane. If it isn’t there then search the spiral staircase. Search every wall and if you still can’t find it then recheck some of the places as it can be quite camouflaged.

The clamp can be found anywhere in the room in which you activate the Warden’s Office door at the docks. Just check all your corners and you will be able to find it quite quickly.

The dolly is a bright blue object, the easiest of the three to spot. If you go along to the tower trap then search all the walls until you reach the staircase that takes you up to the gondola and Juggernog and you should find it. If you miss it then just recheck until it is found.

Acid Gat Kit

The Acid Gat Kit is used to transform the Blundergat/ Sweeper into an Acid Gat/ Viltrolic Withering. It is a very powerful gun, shooting 3 bullets per burst and acting as Mini Monkeys for a short time, attracting all zombies towards it. When stuck, you can mix it with Electric Cherry and just repeatedly shoot walls around you until you break free of the horde. Just a quick point, it can convert the Blundergat or the Sweeper and if you pack a punch a Sweeper it will instantly become a Viltrolic Withering, you don’t have to pack a punch twice.

It has 3 parts, the Acid Bottle, The Briefcase and the Motor.

The Acid Bottle is located in the infirmary, and it can spawn on either of the 2 corridors that lead to the room with the Dog Head.

The Motor can be located in several different places in the Warden’s Office, in any of the three rooms in it. Just search all the corners and you will find it.

The briefcase is in the greatest variety of places. It can be found just outside the library in the start area, before you go up the stairs, or it can be found in the corridor outside the Warden’s Office. You can find it, when it is outside the Warden’s Office, by going along the corridor until you reach the short set of stairs. Go behind the stairs and it will be in that area.

I would just like to point out now that I do not own and have not taken any of these pictures and have gathered them all off of Google Images. I would also like to say thank you for reading my hub and I hope that you enjoy it! :) If you did then you could check out my other zombies hubs!

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