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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: TranZit Strategy (Solo or Multiplayer) Part 2/3

Updated on November 16, 2012


One of the game modes on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies mode is TranZit. On TranZit there is a bus and it leaves different stations periodically. You can use it to pass areas that are normally near impossible to pass as they have lava pools and the new type of zombies that jump on your face and you have to knife them several times. They slow you down and you are unable to shoot and they can cripple your ability to stay alive. You can shoot them as they run towards you but they jump around making them difficult to shoot. There are several different zones and three of them have been used so far as separate maps where everything is in certain positions that they were not in before.

The First Town

After riding to the next zone, you will want to get out of the bus quickly, bearing in mind that the exit at the front of the bus leads onto lava. Once you are there, ignore the mystery box if it is there. You will want to open the large restraint type building to the right after getting of bus and then buying the MP5 (1750 points). If someone else opens the door to the random box and you have left over money, have a shot but the MP5 is good for getting points and it gives you the definite chance of getting an automatic weapon. If you get a sniper as your only weapon you are not going to do verywell. The large building at the front of the map can contain another upgrade for the bus. To find this building do a 90 degree turn after getting of the bus at the front entrance and run straight ahead. It will need you to use the Wind Turbine. If you are playing online and someone else opens the doors for you then you can help make the Zombie Shield. The crafting bench for the shield is in the same room as the random weapon box would spawn. One of the pieces is behind the bar in the MP5 room. It can appear on any part of the wall with the grill and other stuff on it so search all the way along. If you go to the room on the right of the room with the crafting bench and then, once you have entered that room, turn right you will find another piece. If the piece is not in that room then if you go to the room on the left of the bench it can literally be on any of the walls except for the one with the garacge door on it (you can actually crawl under the door once it is open) or it can be inside the car. This build is only two pieces and then you get the shield but make sure that at least one person on the team keeps a Wind Turbine as you may need that in the future. The shield can be placed or it can be used to melee zombies but it can break fairly quickly and you will not get points for killing with it however it is quite hilarious when you beat them with it as they go flying. If at any time you run low on ammo then you can purchase the three burst pistol of the roof of the bus. It costs 1000 points and is quite powerful.

The Farm

Once the bus is ready to go again you will be taken to the farm. The farm is one of the three maps, not including Nuke Town, that you can do out of TranZit. Once you reach the farm just run around but do not enter the farm. There is not much of use and you do not really have enough time to explore it. Just wait because you do not want to miss the bus. The next stop allows you to build the power switch which is very useful as it leads onto an achievement that is best got with several people. I will do another hub detailing the achievements that you can get from the zombies game mode.

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