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Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons

Updated on August 16, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons

The recently released video game Call of Duty: Black Ops has become an instant worldwide phenomenon. If you have not played it yet, here is a quick look at what to expect from the weapons in this new installment of the popular Call of Duty franchise.

Assault Rifles:

            Commando- This weapon can be available at Level 44 when in multiplayer mode. Its damage ranges from 40-30 (MP) and you can draw and reload it faster than with an AK-47.

Submachine Guns:

            Kiparis- When you have managed to buy all other Submachine guns, this comes into play. Damage taken from this ranges 30-20 (MP). Its twenty round magazine is easily exhausted and this weapon can be seen used by the Spetsnaz ion the single player mode.

Light Machine Guns:

            Stoner 63- This weapon can be found in the classified section when all other light machine guns have been bought. It has a damage of 40 (MP) and moderate penetration with high fire rate.

Sniper Rifles:

            L96A1- This weapon can only be found in multiplayer and Zombie mode. This is also the only bolt-action rifle available in the game. Even though it has a low rate of fire, this rifle shines with its powerful damage rate and one-time kill. Its damage ranges from 70 (MP) to 50 (MP) when silenced.


            Olympia- This shotgun can only hold two shells that means it cannot be that useful in multiplayer mode when there are plenty of enemies. It is semi-automatic and costs about 500 in Nazi Zombies.


            Pythons- This revolver can be unlocked at level 168 in multiplayer mode. In close range, it can easily kill in 2 shots, while 4 shots in long distance. It is very useful in Hardcore mode because it can kill with one shot.


            RPG-7- This personal favorite rocker launcher can be seen used by enemies like Rationalists and Loyalists in single player mode. Its direct damage is exactly 1000 (MP) and it is primarily used to shoot down enemy helicopters and it is very unreliable in close range shots because it tends to fire back at you.


            Crossbow- This Special weapon will appear in the WMD mission in Campaign mode. It carries one explosive bolt per magazine and is very effective in long-range shots. It costs 2000 in Zombie mode and has a reload time of 2.75.


            Concussion- This Special Grenade will not kill an enemy but will disorient him. It has a similarity to a Stun Grenade, but when an enemy is using a Second Chance Perk, it will instantly kill the opponent.


            Tactical Insertion- This can only be used in multiplayer mode. It is used to mark the location where the player will respawn when he or she dies. It was first seen in Modern Warfare 2. But in Black Ops, the TI can now be canceled by the player to avoid being assaulted by other players who are waiting in the Insertion spot.

Care Package Weapons:

            Grim Reaper- This launcher can fire up to four incendiary rockets and will engulf all enemies within range. In multiplayer, it can only be contained through a care package. It inflicts powerful damage when fired from a good tactical spot.

Project Nova Weapons:

            Tokarev- This Soviet pistol is used in a campaign mission with a flashlight. It is very quick to reload and it has a maximum ammunition carriage of 8+160. It can be obtained from the Project Nova mission.


            Upgraded Iron Sights- It is an attachment available to every other handgun excluding the ASP and Python. Iron sights are illuminated when this is in use. It is very useful in dim lights and tactical positioning.


            Warsaw- This was named after the Poland capital city. Its colors are the combination of teal, silver, and gray. It goes well with submachine guns.

Wonder Weapons:

            Ray Gun- This unique weapon is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game. It is available in all Zombie maps. It is similar to a few grenade launchers for it has splash damage. It damages the user when firing in an enclosed space. It was mostly created for enjoyment and to add a little quirkiness to the game.


            TOW Missile- TOW stands for Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Command Data Link, guided missile. In campaign, if the player uses only one missile per tank, he receives Tough Economy Achievement.


            Karambit- This combat mission is used in the Executive Order mission. It is curved like a claw but still does the same damage as other knives. This is the last melee weapon used in the mission.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Confirmed Weapons & Analysis by ProDaviid (Commentary)


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