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Candy Crush Guide for Level 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40

Updated on December 7, 2014

This is part 2 of the complete guide series to Candy Crush Saga. In this section of the guide I will be showing you how you can beat levels 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. I will provide pictures, bulleted tips, and a video that i have recorded to help you with these levels.

To see a guide for Candy Crush levels 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30, go to Part 1 of the Candy Crush Guide.

Candy Crush Level 31

This level is all about luck, but don't worry: level 31 is relatively easy to beat. It may take you a couple of tries, but it just takes that right combination to crush all the one-pop jellies.

  • This match is all about vertical stripes and candy bombs. If you can get a candy bomb + vertical stripe combo together, this level is pretty much over with.
  • Stay away from wrappers. They serve no purpose except for maybe a stripe + wrapper combo. Most of the time, however, they will be a nuisance when trying to get a stripe going.

Candy Crush Level 32

Level 32 is actually a pretty fun level once you get past breaking the meringues. The only hard part is getting to that point, but once you're there this level is a breeze.

  • Like for all timed levels, make sure you scan the screen carefully before you do any moves. Candy Crush Saga likes to sneak in a possible wrapper/candy bomb sometimes in the beginning so keep your eyes out for that.
  • A tactic I like to use for timed levels is to focus on breaking only one type of color candy piece. If you keep breaking this color, there will be more of other types of candies and you'll have a higher chance of creating complex combos.
  • Always, always, always go for the timed +5 candy pieces ASAP.

Candy Crush Level 33

Oh no, this level!

Level 33 of Candy Crush Saga is regarded as one of the most hated levels in the game, and it's funny considering that the level can be reached so early in the game out of the 500 levels.

Thankfully this level is much easier now that they increased the move count to 17 from 14. I played level 33 when it had 14 moves, and it was close to impossible without retrying at least 25 times. With 17, I can beat this level on the 11th or 12th try.

  • Start off the game by scanning the top two blocks for combos. You want to start so you can make use of the combos you already have. If you start off at the bottom, you'll screw up the top two blocks and you might end up with forcing to do miscellaneous combos.
  • Every move must contribute to breaking a jelly.
  • Go slow, and think ahead.
  • Wrappers are the best for this stage since one explosion can break a whole jelly unit.
  • Don't give up! You are going to fail a LOT of times, but sooner or later you'll break through this stage.

Candy Crush Level 34

After the nightmare that was level 33, King (the developers of Candy Crush Saga) rewards us with a very easy level to complte.

This level is self-explanatory: bring down all the ingredients within 30 moves. You have 6 ingredients to bring down.

There aren't any obstacles in this stage or even any meringues - the only annoying part is the c-shaped holes in the middle of the board, but candy can easily pass through them.

  • Don't get too caught up in combos. Vertical stripes, candy bombs, and stripes + wrappers are your best bets for winning this level.

Candy Crush Level 35

Level 35 is particularly hard because of the divisions of the board. The division means that it's harder to get good combos, and when the board is split in the middle like that it's hard to get a candy bomb. Boo!

But, no fear. You can win this level with a little bit of tactic.

  • For this level, your primary focus should be on destroying the pieces that are in the "odd spots". By that, I mean the spots on the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and left and right sides that are secluded from the rest of the board.
  • The BEST WAY to win this level is by landing a stripe + candy bomb combo. You won't be able to win with any other combos, so focus on this goal for that match.
  • As an added tip about the stripe + candy bomb combo, make sure you have enough pieces. Try clearing other pieces before you break the combo but make sure you don't do anything that might mess up the opportunity.

Candy Crush Level 36

The goal for this level is to get 10,000 points in 30 moves, which shouldn't be too hard. Just make sure that you're focusing on complex combos to rack up points. A single candy bomb NON COMPLEX combo combined with your other moves is usually enough to get at least 1 star.

  • The first thing you need to do is clear the the layers of meringue and locked candies. Instead of trying to clear the locked candies one at a top, try to get a vertical combo or a wrapper ASAP. This should bring some candies to the bottom and help you clear the other obstacles.

Candy Crush Level 37

Once again, Candy Crush Saga has decided to annoy us by dividing the board in half. CURSE THEM!

Because candy bombs are relatively hard to get with this board format, your best bet is to dig down from the left or right side of the board.

  • As always, scan the board for any possible complex combos. Whatever side has the most complex combos, focus on that.
  • Dig your way to the bottom.
  • The BEST way is to get a stripe + wrapper combo to clear most of the bottom section, but if you can't then do your best to clear all the pieces.
  • Usually a correctly placed stripe + wrapper combo and a stripe + candy bomb combo can win this match for you.

Candy Crush Level 38

Wahh! Almost the entire board is filled with locked candies and meringues. But have no fear - there are only five candy colors in this stage instead of the six, so it's slightly easier to do combos.

  • Once you get a stripe, save it unless you don't have a choice. For this particular stage you absolutely need to spend your stripes on smart investments. A stripe + wrapper, or a stripe + candy bomb combo is needed to win this stage.
  • A wrapper + wrapper combo proves to be equally as devastating.
  • Stay away from the silly candy bomb + wrapper combo if you can. The double color clearing is only helpful for getting another candy bomb.

Candy Crush Level 39

Level 39 of Candy Crush Saga really is a treat for all the past levels. This level is relatively easy and with the huge amount of starting moves (57), you should be able to clear this level within a couple of tries.

  • Obviously clear the locked candies at the bottom, or else you can't drop anything. Focus specifically on the locked candies that are under the ingredient.
  • Vertical stripes are your friends.

Candy Crush Level 40

It's like one of the devs decided to take a huge bite and left the board all mangled and disproportionate. This makes a fun level.

With 32 moves and an odd layout, this level can be a bit frustrating to clear, but as long as you keep your priorities straight you should be able to beat this level within a few tries.

  • Your focus should be on the left side. The right side should only be looked at if there's a possible candy bomb combo. I wouldn't even bother with wrappers or stripes unless you can bring them both together some how.

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Need any additional help with any levels?

Post below and I'll reply with any tips I have!

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