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Candy Crush Guide for Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30

Updated on August 30, 2015

Candy Crush Saga Complete Guide

This is part 1 of the complete guide series to Candy Crush Saga. This section covers levels 21 to 30, and includes bulleted tips, pictures, and even video. Future sections will be created. If you have any questions on any particular level, don't be afraid to post below!

Candy Crush Level 21

This is a simple level. The goal is to clear all the jellies within 36 moves.

  • The best way to complete this particular level is to focus on clearing the meringues. There are jellies underneath each meringue so it is best to clear them.
  • The best candy combos are anything with a stripe, such as candy bomb + stripe and wrapper + stripe. Stripe + stripe should be avoided, however.
  • Work your way down the middle so that more area is opened for you to do combos.

Candy Crush Level 22

Level 22 is a level where you need to bring down two ingredients. It's a simple level but it can be a bit difficult if you aren't strategic with your moves.

  • Remember that you only have 15 moves, so don't spend too much time with trying to create complex combos.
  • Bringing down both of the ingredients is usually enough to get at least 1 star.
  • Try to bring in the next ingredient over a column where the meringue is already cleared.

Candy Crush Level 23

The columns in level 23 can make this stage very difficult, but with 50 moves you should be able to clear this level relatively easily.

  • For level 23 more than any other level, organizing your board so that a vertical stripe combo pops over a series of jellies/meringues is extremely helpful.
  • Having a candy bomb + stripe combo could mean a victory for this level. Spend some time creating a candy bomb instead of wasting time with 3-candy-combos.
  • Pop the meringues in the beginning so that the candy can fall in the slots so you'll have a higher possibility of creating combos.

Candy Crush Level 24

Level 24 of Candy Crush Saga isn't a particularly hard level, so I won't spend so much time going over this level. But basically just bring your ingredients down ASAP since you only have 20 moves, but with only 2 ingredients this should be a piece of cake.

Bringing down both ingredients should also allow you to get at least 1 star.

Candy Crush Level 25

Transitioning from level 24 and 25 is rough - it's as if King (the creators of Candy Crush Saga) decided to sneak in a fast one on you! This is the level where the black-tethered candies is first introduced.

A black licorice tether prevents candies from falling under it. These tethers can be a nuisance if they aren't dealt with right away. However, use the candy inside the tether to match a combo, or using a crushing combo such as a stripe or a wrapper bomb explosion breaks the tether.

  • If it isn't obvious already, your first priority is to break those darned tethers! Once you're able to go past them you can access the meringue. (NOTE: You can access the candies at the very bottom of the board, but candies won't fall until the tethers are broken so I recommend starting at the top)
  • Before making any moves, scan your board to see if there are any combos that you can use to break the tethers. I don't recommend going for 3-candy-combos just yet unless you have no other choice.
  • The best single special candy for this stage are wrappers and stripes, wrappers especially. If you can explode a wrapper next to a tether the tether will break AND you'll get some jellies crushed.

Candy Crush Level 26

For Candy Crush Level 26 you have to bring down 6 ingredients in 35 moves. The concept here is simple and the only obstacles in your way are the annoying meringues.

  • Try to clear the meringues underneath the current ingredient on the board ASAP.
  • Don't bother with trying to create complex combos unless the opportunity shows itself.
  • All your moves should be helping you break the central meringues and/or bringing the ingredients down.
  • It'll be very easy to get side-tracked with creating combos. You don't have a lot of room to dilly-dally!

Candy Crush Level 27

Level 27 is a timed level, and it's a pretty simple one. You have about one-minute to rack up as much points as you can. The only thing keeping you from success are the meringues around the border of the stage (which isn't a problem at all).

  • Scan the board right away before the timer starts. The game likes to sneak in lucky 4 or 5 candy combos so you want to take advantage of this.
  • Whenever you see a timer on a candy, make sure you do everything you can to crush it. 5 seconds is a lot of time and you can break a good amount of candies in 5 seconds.
  • Good technique (like I've mentioned before) is to focus all your effort on one type of colored candy so that the board has enough time to arrange itself to create a complex combo.

Candy Crush Level 28

For this level you are given 22 moves to clear all the jellies that are located underneath the meringues. The level is simple enough, but unlike previous levels you have a considerably lower amount of moves (22 compared to 50? Come on!).

  • Break the meringue tower in the center of the board. This center board divides the playfield in half making it impossible to get a candy bomb.
  • The candy bomb + stripe combo, or the stripe + wrapper combo is absolutely needed in order for you to win this level, so try to get this kind of combo ASAP.

Candy Crush Level 29

Level 29 is definitely one of the harder early levels in Candy Crush Saga. Each jelly on the field is a double, and the jellies are divided between top and bottom (one of the most annoying types of jelly division). Thankfully you have 60 moves to clear this board.

  • Your #1 priority is to clear the jellies located in the top left and top right corners. These jellies are really hard to clear because they are so obscure. Clearing these jellies in the beginning of the round will make this level a lot easier.

Candy Crush Level 30

With 60 moves and a mountain of simple-to-clear meringue, Level 30 of Candy Crush Saga is actually pretty easy. And thank goodness since level 29 was such a bother to clear.

There's nothing too complicated about this level, but you do want to keep track of your move counter and the amount of ingredients you drop to the bottom. You should be dropping down an ingredient at least every 10 moves.

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