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Candy Crush Level 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 Guide

Updated on September 30, 2013


Welcome to the Candy Crush Saga Level 33-38 guide. I will be giving you some tips and trick to clear these stages. I had a hard time clearing 33. However, after 16 tries, I managed to get past it. I am sharing with you what I did to get past it!

Candy Crush Level 33
Candy Crush Level 33

Level 33

Candy Crush Level 33 is an extremely tough level for some folks as it gives you very little moves to complete it.

This first thing you want to do is to prioritize on getting the bottom boxes cleared out first. Look out for 4 in a line to form a strip candy which can make your job easier by clearing 4 boxes in a row. Bombs are also useful in this level.

The reason why you should always clear bottom is because it gives top better chances to get cleared just from you clearing bottom. Here is a brief video that shows you how it is done to give you a better idea on doing it.

Candy Crush Level 33

Level 34

This level can be tricky as it wants has a cut out in the middle that disrupts you from making easy candy combos in the middle.

The objective is to bring 6 ingredients to the bottom. The hard part is that they fall one at a time. You will have to prioritize getting one candy to the bottom so that the others will fall out.

Try to look for bomb candies and also chocolate bomb candies for nice combos that help you clear out odd candies that get in the way.

Also, every time you get 1 candy to the bottom, the next candy that shows at the top appears on the next empty slot. So plan it wisely and have it appear in a place where you can clear candies on that row or column.

Candy Crush Saga Level 35
Candy Crush Saga Level 35 | Source

Level 35

This level requires a lot of boxes to be cleared.

Try to prioritize corners as they are the hardest to clear. Strip candies and bombs are extremely useful in this stage.

Take your time to see which corners can be cleared first. After all, this stage does not have a timer, so you can take your time to plan your moves. Also make sure you work from the bottom so there is a better chance of top boxes getting cleared while you are working on the bottom tiles. This strategy applies to many levels that require a lot of boxes to be cleared.

Candy Crush Saga Level 36
Candy Crush Saga Level 36 | Source

Level 36

This stage is pretty interesting. You have the bottom getting blocked from caged candies. The strategy to use in this stage is to make strip candies to knock out a spot for the candies to fall to the bottom.

Since this level just requires you to get 10,000 points, you would want to make as many special candies as you can to increase your score. Strip and bomb candies are great in this stage.

As long as you quickly get rid of the trapped candies, you should be fine.

Level 37

This stage can be tricky. You have to clear boxes in the middle and the bottom. Plus, you also have to get 60,000 points to clear it.

The key is to make a strip candy in the middle section. If you can pull that off, then you can clear the entire column and break all the trapped candies. This will give you an easier time with the bottom section as well.

For the bottom row, prioritize getting the corners first, as they are the hardest to clear. Bomb candy is extremely useful in this stage, so plan ahead and try and make one of them to clear out the bottom section.

Level 38

It is pretty obvious that in this stage, you will want to make plenty of strip candies to get rid of trapped candies. Try and make a strip candy whenever you get a chance, as this will really help you clear out the bottom row easily.

Of course, if you make a strip and bomb candy in the middle section, you will almost certainly clear this stage easily.

I would recommend that you start from the left side and work towards the center. Another thing that you can do is to make a strip candy at the bottom row once you are have broken a small section there. This will allow you to clear out more candies easily.


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