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Games Like Club Penguin - Game Recommendations

Updated on July 4, 2013
Games Like Club Penguin
Games Like Club Penguin | Source

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Games Like Club Penguin

Club Penguin can be quite an addicting game if you like social interactions, action puzzles and plenty of penguins. Below are some cool games you can play if you want similar games to it.

Poptropica | Source


Poptropica is extremely similar to Club Penguin in terms of gameplay. You get to choose to travel to different places via islands. The animation of the characters is also very kiddish and is targeted mainly for kids from 6 to 16 years of age. I am one of the few that still plays this that is way out of the age group. You can also partner with other friends to join you on your adventures. It is a fun alternative to Club Penguin.


Frank Town Rocks

This is another cool game that you could play. Their graphics is 2D like and the creators of the game were done by parents that wanted a safe environment for their kids to play. You get to solve puzzles, play racing and board games. One of the cool things that you can do is that you can create music. This is perfect for the creative young minds. They always have new stuff coming out as well, so the game is constantly updated. They are also targeting their audience to kids anywhere from 6-16.

Toon Town
Toon Town | Source

Toon Town

Toon Town is created by Disney. The graphics are 3D so this might appeal to kids that enjoy the 3D feel of it. You will see your favorite Disney icon here Mickey Mouse. You get to create your own Toon Town character ranging from monkeys to pigs. You can customize your character, but some will require premium membership. There are some turned based kid appropriate battles that are hilariously funny. Apparently, throwing a pie at your enemy is a good way to knock him out.


Digimon Masters Online

I am introducing a more "grindy" game to you. Digimon Masters Online is a MMORPG where you get to raise different pets. The Augumon is the most popular out of them all since it is the "poster pet" for the game. You get to choose your character and you can start raising your pet by fighting in battles. You can also interact with other players and party with them as well. This game will appeal to you if you watched the anime and is a big fan of it. For casual gamers, it might not be for you if you don't like "grinding" games.


Roly Poly Land

Roly Poly Land is a rather new game that is similar to Poptropica and Toon Town. Instead of kid and Disney characters, you get little round ball looking characters. You can make friends and play different games on there. You can go sailing or learn magic. It is like a virtual world where you are free to do pretty much whatever you want. The cool thing about them is their creativity with the characters. They went with the cute animation instead of the generic kid avatar.



This is a fun turned-based MMORPG available to you online for free on your browser. This game is focused on being the greatest wizard ever. If you ever wanted a Harry Potter game, this might be of interest to you. You get to summon creatures to fight for you and your goal is to eliminate your foes. There are plenty of magic spells you can choose from. They also have a wide variety of elements and characteristics that you get to choose before you create your character. The graphics are 3D and the battles have quite some cheesy attacks. Nonetheless, it is a fun game to play if you enjoy dungeons and magic as the main theme.


Hopefully, you will be able to find another game like Club Penguin that suits your tastes here. I highly recommend Poptropica and Toon Town. They are extremely children friendly and I am sure the kids will have a fun time playing it.


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