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Candy Crush Saga - The Game where your Grandmother plays Better Than You

Updated on December 6, 2014

OK Grandma, You Beat Me

If you guys haven't heard of the game Candy Crush Saga yet, then you probably do not have a Facebook, do not have internet, or you are a hipster and hang out at

In any case, Candy Crush Saga is a big deal in the Facebook community in both positive and negative ways. Candy Crush can provide hours of "fun", and it can also provide hours of "stop sending my Candy Crush Saga messages!"

So what is Candy Crush Saga, and how does the game play like?

What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is a game where you must match candy pieces of different types in order to complete the goals given to you for each level. There are three types of levels:

  • Jelly Clearing Levels: These levels require you to clear the amount of jelly tiles on the board. You can do this be creating a combo on top of the jelly tile.
  • Ingredient Dropping Levels: Different Ingredients will appear on the board, and the goal is to bring them to the bottom of the board. You will need to bring down a certain amount of ingredients in order to complete these types of levels.
  • Timed Levels: For Timed Levels, all you have to do is create as much havoc as possible and score as much points as you can. I find Timed Levels to be the most fun out of the three levels since you don't have to worry too much about tactic - just pop and have fun!

Is Candy Crush Saga anything like Bejeweled?

I would say that they are more related than alike. While Candy Crush Saga requires a ton of tactic to win (and some would say money), Bejeweled is more laid back and for the type of gamer that just want to pop as much jewels as possible.

In addition, Bejeweled focuses a lot more on the time aspect than on completing objective. There is no Ingredient dropping in Bejeweled of any type, or jelly clearing. Instead, there are more creative modes such as keeping ice from creeping to the top of the board by popping jewels, balancing a weight by popping even amounts of sapphire and ruby pieces, and digging up as much treasure by clearing jewels so that you are brought to the bottom of the board.

Candy Crush Types List

Below are a list of Candy Types in Candy Crush Saga.

Green, Purple, Blue, Red, And Yellow Candy Pieces
They do nothing by themselves.
The bones of the game! These are the different candy colors of Candy Crush Saga. They all act the same - the color makes no difference.
Vertical and Horizontal Stripe
Clears a column (vertical stripe) and a row (horizontal stripe).
This particular combo is good for clearing jellies when the board is separated into different sections. The vertical stripe in particular is good for bringing down ingredients.
Causes two explosions - one initially, and then again once the board refills.
Wrappers are good for clearing simple obstacles due to the wide area they effect.
Candy Bomb
Clears all colors on the board depending on what basic piece you pair it with.
Candy bombs are great for causing good board-clearing combos. However, I would refrain from popping them with singular colors since the candy bomb combos are much more valuable.

Candy Crush Combos List

Below are a list of Candy Crush Saga combos along with their effects.

(click column header to sort results)
The three candies that you match together pop.
This is the basic move of Candy Crush Saga. At the beginning levels you can get away with doing three-combos, but you'll have to be more thoughtful as the game progresses.
You create a vertical or horizontal stripe candy.
You can create a vertical stripe if you match candies that are four in a row horizontally, and a horizontal stripe if you match four candies in a row vertically.
You create a Candy Bomb
The Candy Bomb is the rarest type of candy in the game, and in most cases this is the candy type that you want to strive for. A Candy bomb, combined with other types of candies, can cause amazing effects that will help you with clearing the levels.
T or Corner
You create a wrapper.
A wrapper is a bomb that explodes initially, and then again, for a total of two explosions.
Stripe + Stripe
You clear all candies in a vertical column, and all candies in a horizontal row.
I tend to not like this particular combo because you can just save the stripes to get better combos.
Stripe + Wrapper
A huge candy is created, which clears three rows horizontal, and three rows vertically.
This is a great combo to use for clearing jellies as it clears a huge amount of board candies.
Wrapper + Wrapper
A huge explosion erupts initially, and then again.
A Wrapper + Wrapper combo is good for quickly clearing out board obstacles like sugar blocks, candy wrappers, and black licorice pieces.
Stripe + Candy Bomb
All candies of the stripe color will turn into a random horizontal or vertical stripe, and then pop.
This is probably the best combo to use if you want to clear the board as fast as possible. Since all candies of the same color stripe will be turned into a stripe, you will want to try to gather as much of the same color on the board as possible before using this combo.
Wrapper + Candy Bomb
Candies of the same color as the wrapper gets cleared, and then all colors of a different random color gets cleared.
This is a great combo for stages where there are only three colors on the board.
Candy Bomb + Candy Bomb
All pieces on the board get cleared.
This is the ultimate combo! This combo clears all the stuff on the board, so it's great for almost any situation.
There are different types of combos you can do on Candy Crush Saga, and each combo has a certain effect that either make you win your level, or screw up your tactic. Each combo should be used only when necessary, especially when the objective is to b

Sounds Fun! Should I start playing?

I say the game is pretty fun for the first 50 or so levels, and then it gets so frustratingly complicated that the fun of the game becomes less so, and it's feels more like a chore that you have to complete on a daily basis.

But that's just me. I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of people out there who enjoy paying and playing Candy Crush Saga.

What is your opinion? Do you enjoy Candy Crush Saga? Post below!

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