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Cell Blocks, Grief Mode (MOTD, Alcatraz) - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on June 29, 2016
Feed the Hellhound to get free Power-Ups
Feed the Hellhound to get free Power-Ups | Source

Cell Blocks allows up to play grief on a small section of the Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead map. With the inclusion of Traps and the lack of Jugger-Nog it requires players to change they way they previous played Grief.

The Afterlife mode is not available in this mode, but Brutus makes the appearance as the first Zombie Boss in any Grief map. This is also the first map in Black Ops 2 Zombies that allows the purchase of JP Flopper. But there is still one more twist, the Hellhound is still active in the center of the Cell Blocks. However, instead of giving access to Hell's Retriever, it drops a random Power-Up when six zombies are 'fed' to it.

This is the first map that does not have EMP Grenades in the Mystery Box. It also does not have any Melee Weapons available. The Golden Spork can be obtained in survival mode, but was not added to grief mode.

The Blundergat can be acquired from the Mystery Box. However, you can not get this weapon from the Crystal Skulls when playing grief. You can not upgrade this weapon using the Acid Gat Kit. The kit and the Zombie Shield are not available in grief.

In This Guide:

  • Map Layout
  • Perks
  • Weapons
  • Traps
  • Brutus
  • Game Play
  • What You Need To Know

Map Layout

The Map essentially consists of the Cell Blocks area of the MOTD survival map. The doors to the Showers, Infirmary, and the Citadel Tunnels can't be opened and the Gondola is not available for use.

The Wardens Office can be bought in Grief Mode, instead of using Afterlife which was necessary in Survival Mode. Instead of starting in the M14 room, players will start in the center of the Cell Blocks close to the Hellhound.

PHD Flopper
PHD Flopper | Source
Speed Cola
Speed Cola | Source
Double Tap
Double Tap | Source

Perks in Cell Blocks

Jugger-Nog and Electric Cherry are not available on this map. However, you can purchase PHD Flopper, Speed Cola, Double Tap, and Deadshot Daiquiri. The Perks are already active and ready to use, but at least one door will need to be bought in order to access these Perks.

PHD Flopper

PHD Flopper can be found in the Library, which is next to the spawn room in MOTD survivial. It is in the corner by the book shelf that has the bottle for the Bottle Song.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola is in the back room of the Warden's Office. This is the same spot that it can be found in survival mode.

Double Tap

Double Tap is on the top floor of the Cell Blocks, where you would normally find .

Deadshot Daiquiri

Deadshot is located in the Cafeteria. It is on the opposite wall as the Mystery Box.

The Blundergat is available, but you can not upgrade it to the Acid Gat.
The Blundergat is available, but you can not upgrade it to the Acid Gat. | Source
Pack-A-Punch Machine
Pack-A-Punch Machine | Source

Weapons In Cell Blocks

There is a long list of weapons that are not available in Cell Blocks Grief. However, there are a lot of powerful weapons that are exclusive to this map and not available in any other grief map.

Weapons can be upgraded using the Pack-A-Punch machine. It can be found on the top floor of the Cell Blocks.

Special Weapons

  • Blundergat
  • Death Machine
  • LSAT
  • Claymores

Claymores | Source
BR11 | Source
M14 | Source
MP5 | Source
Uzi | Source

Wall Weapons in Cell Blocks

This is the first grief map to have Claymores and the Uzi available on the wall. There are more Wall Weapons on this map than any other grief map.

You can not get Mule Kick on this map, so you are limited to two main weapons. Since there is not Jugger-Nog you will want to have weapons that are powerful. In order to worry less on ammo you should equip at least one Wall Gun.


Claymores are in the Cafeteria on the far left wall as you are walking into the Cafeteria.


The UZI is located in the Warden's Office. It is straight ahead as you enter through the front door.


The MP5 can be found outside of the Cafeteria in the same wall location as in survival mode.


The BR11 also has the same location in both grief and survival. It is on the wall in the center section of the Cell Blocks, close to the Hellhound.


The M14 is on the wall where in the room that you will spawn in survival mode. It is against the wall to the right before you take the steps.


The Olympia can be found in the Library, close to the shelf that has a bottle for the Bottle Song.

Mystery Box in the Cafeteria.
Mystery Box in the Cafeteria. | Source
Mystery Box in the Warden's Office.
Mystery Box in the Warden's Office. | Source

Mystery Box in Cell Blocks

There are only two spawn locations for the Mystery Box. This will allow players to access the box earlier and set up with strong weapons. The Fire Sale Power-Up is also available on this map. However, repeated use of the Mystery Box will result in the appearance of Brutus.

Mystery Box Location 1: The Cafeteria

One location for the Mystery Box is inside the Cafeteria. Look to the left as you come through the main doors.

Mystery Box Location 2: The Warden's Office

If the Mystery Box is not in the Cafeteria, then it must be in the Warden's Office. Look for it in the center room.

The Acid Trap
The Acid Trap | Source
The Fan Trap
The Fan Trap | Source

Traps In Cell Blocks

Traps add a whole new edge to Grief. In Cell Blocks there are two traps that are available, the Fan Trap and the Acid Trap. Each Trap will cost 1000 points to activate. In order to do so the door must first be open. The Trap will kill zombies and down players on both teams.

Traps are a unique way to take players down. You can wait until they are running towards the trap to activate it, or use it to trap players in a room. The Acid Trap covers a large area, it can be very dangerous reviving players when they are downed in this area.

Acid Trap

The Acid Trap is located in the entrance to the Cafeteria. It sprays down a shower of acid that lasts for several minutes. Exposure to the acid will quickly take a player down.

Fan Trap

The Fan Trap is in the entrance to the Warden's Office. When activated it causes a large fan blade to spin in the entry way. Players can crawl under this trap, but are vulnerable to zombies when doing so.

Brutus | Source

Brutus In Cell Blocks

Brutus is a large zombie prison guard on steroids. He appears randomly, but using the Mystery Box expedites his arrival.

Brutus will charge towards the player closest to him, but will actively chase a player if they have been hit with a Zombie Meat Power-Up. You can take him down and get the extra Perk or run him into the enemies.

Cell Blocks Game Play

Grief in the Cell Blocks can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very frustrating. Additional caution is needed due to the lack of Jugger-Nog, Traps, and Brutus. Reviving can also be more dangerous. Players should expect to only be revived when the situation is ideal.

Players are more likely to try to down enemies when playing grief in the Cell Blocks. Higher rounds can be tricky, so ending it early is important. Teamwork and communication will allow you to catch the other team in a Trap and bring them down early.

Many players are more apt to find an area to camp with their team. This can make it difficult to take them down during early rounds. Camping outside their camping area will allow you to steal their kills and cause them to run out of points.

What You Need To Know

  • Players like to camp in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine. This will allow them safety and the chance to block the other team from upgrading weapons.
  • Brutus will appear near one of the two Mystery Box Locations. Watch for him when you ear the sound of cell doors clanking.
  • Players will try to take the Hellhound Power-Ups by laying down. Jumping on their head will cause them and you to go down.


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    • profile image

      Billy 3 years ago

      Very useful guide. You might want to add that Mule Kick is also available in the MOTD spawn room but it doesn't seem worth it at all without Juggernog and the fact that Brutus and Traps are in play because of how easy it is to lose it and any gun in that weapon slot making it a waste of money.