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Character Creation of Pillars of Eternity.

Updated on March 13, 2018

What are the Main Criteria for Creating the Characters of Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of eternity is a role-playing video game which was released for Microsoft Windows and Linux on March 26, 2015. The game subsides in a fantasy world of Eora, a town inside the nation of Dyrwood. The infants born in Dyrwood are Hollowborn upon birth, which means they are born without the soul. The protagonist, in the beginning, experiences an awakening of power, to a distrustful event, after which they realized that they are “Watcher” meaning a person who can see past lives and can communicate with the souls. The main motto of the game is to find out what caused the awakening and how to tackle the Holborn problem. It is one of the most popular pc games in the World.

Creating a perfect character in pillars of eternity is not that easy. Every character you choose to select has a great influence on the dialogue during the game. While the PC is quite dependable, never think much about making a wrong move, because you can always recreate your character and reroll or use Find Character then change class. The most important part you need to remember is these changes will, of course, effect your dialogues.

Character creation generally includes 7 steps. Once you enter the character creation page, you will be able to see a series of options to create your character.

Sex: The first step is to choose a gender. Either male or female, it's up to you. Although different nations of Eora have different thoughts on the role of sexes, there are always exceptions. In the game, both the gender do not differ in stats and capabilities.

Race: the Second step involves choosing a race and a sub-race. There are 6 possible race in option. Each race has it's own bonus and penalty to specific attributes which make it different from other race.
After the race, a list of subrace comes up. It has no effect on attributes. They mostly differ in their passive abilities.

Class: This is the most important part in character creation because it defines most of the abilities a character will obtain, as their power measures. There are in total 11 classes to choose indiscriminately by race or gender. Each class has its own pros and cons.

  • Barbarian- Melee DPS
  • Chanter- Chanters chant various chants. They chant two first level chant phrases and two first level invocations.
  • Cipher- Cipher Choose two first level powers.
  • Fighter- They are Generic tank/ melee DPS.
  • Monk- Monk is magic Tank, gives the bonus to unarmed damage.
  • Paladin- You can pick one order that specializes your paladin a bit more.
  • Priest- They choose a deity. Their behavior helps in the modification of their power.
  • Ranger- Ranger chooses an animal companion.
  • Rogue- Rogue are best used in the party with a tank.
  • Wizard- Chooses four first level wizard spells.

Attributes: The fourth step is opting a culture of where you came from. Each culture gives you a +1 bonus to a particular attribute that has an effect on the first equipment your character gets.

Background: The sixth step is to select a background. Background help in boosting your skill. The backgrounds are depended on the culture you choose meaning some backgrounds are open to certain cultures while some are open to all cultures.

Appearance, Voice, and name: The final selection is to choose appearance, voice, portrait and a name.

  • Appearance- You can pick some modification of character head and his skin. Which includes primary and secondary clothing/ armor clothes, skin and hair colour, facial hair, hairstyle. The option available depend upon gender and race.
  • Portrait- There are in total 66 portraits which include 35 male and 31 female. You can select or even import your own portrait.
  • Voice- There are 10 different voice sets in option. You can select any. Both female and male character can select any voice set belonging to the other sex.
  • Name- You can also give your character a name.

I hope that the above mention details will help you to create your character more precisely.

pillars of eternity

pillars of eternity
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