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Cheap Chess Set - Buy Cheap Chess Sets

Updated on June 27, 2011

Cheap Chess Sets - Play Chess Cheaply

Looking for a decent chess set but for a cheap price? You want a cheap chess set then and in this article I am going to show you the top 3 chess sets under $20 - affordable but not absolute rubbish.

While I would recommend spending more and getting a better chess set if you have the money, some people just want a cheap chess set as they can't really afford to get a slightly more expensive one or just think there is no point getting a more expensive set as chess is exactly the same and they are right there in a way.

But anyway, below are the top/best 3 chess sets under $20 and I hope you enjoy playing with them and decide to purchase one and enjoy playing chess without a high cost! I think I will start talking and typing now and shut up for a second!

Best 3 Chess Sets Under $20

So we are looking at the Best 3 Chess Sets Under $20 in this article and don't worry they are not all boring and rubbish and some of them are really very good, but don't expect a marble or an onyx chess set at this price or a themed chess set.

However there are still some excellent bargains around and Amazon is the best place to find a reputable bargain so I have provided the links for you to get them at the best current price. so let's start looking at these chess sets!

Get This Glass Chess Set Before It Goes Up!

Glass Chess Set Under $20!

Yes that is right, I have found a brilliant buy for you at an incredible price, while the selling price is $29.99, you can get this glass chess set for under $20 at the time of writing through a third party seller for about $10 + small shipping fee of $5.98 = $16!

And this beautiful and elegant glass chess set is brilliant and was featured in my glass chess sets article.  It looks great in modern settings particularly and for those on a budget I can not think of a better chess set that is high quality, different and cheap too whilst being of a very high quality.

You get 32 glass chess pieces, 16 frosted and 16 clear with anti-scratch pads on the bottom, a wonderful 10x10" glass chess board and is simply beautiful.

This chess set is even rated 5 out 5 stars on Amazon!

ClubTourney Chess Kit About $20 - The Best Affordable Chess Package

This chess kit is the complete chess package and while it may be a few cents over or under $20 it is truly the best chess package you can buy.  

For $20 you get, 32 plastic chess pieces which are all very durable and have green felt underneath, 16 white and 16 black, two spare queens, vinyl rollup chess board, a chess bag with a zipper with a handle on the top and a scorebook!

This is a very impressive package and if the shipping costs were not quite as large it would be well under $20!

The box doubles up as a brilliant storage space for the chess pieces!
The box doubles up as a brilliant storage space for the chess pieces!

Folding 12" Inlaid Wood Chess Set

Another excellent chess set that is under $20 and you will have 1 whole cent to spare. But the good news is that the order is fulfilled by Amazon and you get free Super Saver Shipping right to your door!

The chess set itself is also very good and is really what you would expect from a more affordable chess set and then a bit better. You get all the lovely wooden chess pieces and the box doubles up as a space to store all the chess pieces!

Recommended highly and rated 5 stars!


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