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Glass Chess Set

Updated on July 1, 2011

Glass Chess Sets

Glass Chess Sets are really beautiful and look much better than the standard wooden chess sets especially if you are going to have it out regularly on display at home.  However a glass chess set is something to be proud of and show off to guests with it's beauty and you can also say how intelligent you are as you are a chess player - or you could just play with your glass chess set with your family!

These glass chess sets are elegant and nice to look at - meaning you can leave your chess set out permanently and are also more stylish and cool than a boring wood chess set. A glass chess board and pieces will look great in more modern homes and can be always left out and you may want to get one even if you are no chess player.

Best Glass Chess Sets

If you are looking to purchase a glass chess set for yourself or for a wonderful gift then I am going to show you, the best glass chess sets below!

Beautiful Glass Chess Set
Beautiful Glass Chess Set | Source

Glass Chess Set

The first glass chess set I am going to show you is perfect in nearly every way.  The first great thing is how beautiful this chess set looks especially in modern buildings.  Another positive is it is very easy to distinguish the two sets of chess pieces from each other due to the clear and frosted glass.

You also get all 32 chess pieces with felt anti-scratch pads, a wonderful 10x10" glass chess board and it is rated 5 stars put of 5!

This glass chess set is also very affordable, with a retail price of $29.99 and being available from around $15 which is incredible value for such an amazing chess set.

Etched Glass Chess Set

Here is another glass chess set which looks pretty good and you get all 32 chess pieces and agin you can clearly distinguish the differences between the 2 sides.

Another good choice for a glass chess set!

Black and White Clear Glass Chess Set

This is the final glass chess set I am featuring on this page and as you can see from the picture it looks absolutely brilliant.  This is a great chess set to have on display on a coffee table as it looks so good and this also means you can play more often improving your chess skills.  

You get 32 chess pieces - 16 clear and 16 black, 13 3/4" chess board and insturctions

Rated 5 star!

Nice Chess Video

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