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Where to buy the cheapest Playstation 3 bundle ?

Updated on February 19, 2014

What I was looking for

****UPDATE - prices are now obsolete but the article still leads you to the best deal through the link included. See the Sony store and Walmart links for AWESOME deals.*****

I am quite obsessive when it comes to saving money, and when I decided to buy a PS3, I would only do so for the best price. I needed the following,

1. The ps3 console, new, not reconditioned.

2. A second controller. Lets not forget that most of us need to buy this, and it seems to be expensive on its own.

3. A fun game for me and my wife to play. It needed to be something awesome, exciting and a game that really gets her interested in playing the playstation. I enjoy playing 1 player, but 2 player is the best.

So lets see what I came up with.

THE RETAILERS.....................


Take a look at the Sony Store. You may actually be surprised.


The same story as above


The same story as above except for one thing. This game appealed to me and my wife.


I was delighted, and i thought, "Well I can pick up another controller for $40 it still works out for me because the game was more suitable and i get the 320gb console for an awesome price". I go to order it. Boom! Sold out :(

This bundle came with a $30 discount until the end of this month. Unfortunately, no option of a reduced price on a second controller.


320gb hard drive if you need it. I do not

MW3 probably one of the most sought after games, worth $50, comes with this bundle for the same cost as you would usually pay, just for the 320gb console.


Target do not do in store pick up :/ I know, right?

I called the store to go pick it up. they would not honor the online price.

Unfortunately again, this game is not suitable for us, as it will be our first PS3 game and we just want something fun and easy enough.(only applicable to me)

I would need to go out and get a second controller, at a cost of 40-50 dollars. This would bring my total to well over $300 for a console with a game and second controller

This discount wont last long.


Awesome bundle for a more experienced gamer, but not for me. I don't need the game, I don't need the 320 gb so it's a moot bonus, and i would have to get another controller.


Comes with a copy of the Harry potter movie in 3D.

The same price as the 160gb console when it comes with nothing.

Comes with one free month of PS live. This allows you to try out numerous games and as a result you don't have to purchase them. You can just download them and try them out.


Do you like Harry Potter? I think its OK, but I don't really care about it, nor do I want to own the DVD. If you like Harry Potter, cross this one off.


Fantastic offer, but I decided against it, simply because I found a better offer for me. This is the same price as the 160gb console by itself but comes with 2 extra goodies. Great Deal!


As usual I came away from Gamestop disappointed.


Good refurbished console prices, although the pre played store up the street has them beat hands down.


No decent bundles. the above mentioned offers were all $30 more expensive at Gamestop. They seem to price their consoles at a 'standard' price with no discounts. If I purchased a game with a controller, I would save $10. That would make a 160gb console 249 + 44 for a controller and 20 for a game. Yikes, that's well over my $300 limit even before tax.

I wont get into it too much. Disappointing prices. The above offers were all better, except gamestop which had identical prices. the one bundle I linked to above, can not live up to the price for the following reasons.


Second controller.

Head set


Cheap generic controller

I don't need a headset

The price of the items included might save you $5. But would you buy them unbundled?


Not a good bundle but still the best value they have to offer. I did find an online offer with no expiry date telling me that best buy would give me a free controller if I bought a PS3. they wont honor this coupon.

2011 Black Friday Bundle


2 fantastic games

Great price


Not sold directly from amazon.

The price of PS3 games are very low right now. It may be possible to buy the 160gb console for 249, and then purchase 2 games of your choice for the difference in cost.


With the price + a controller, it just didn't work out as a top deal. If you do want these 2 games though, its a steal

I am not a fan of Walmart, and I did try to give my money to someone else. It just seems that they can't create a decent offer that is workable.


Free second controller

Free game with a pretty impressive choice including, Batman Arkham Asylum, Street Fighter IV, GTA IV and Borderlands

Cheap, Very Cheap. $269 including the game and controller.


I feel so dirty....dirty....dirty....dirty, buying at Walmart because I just hate them, and they usually are not that cheap.

I would have liked the 320GB, just in case, but its not necessary. I would have paid another 20 for it.

Needed to be shipped. I didn't get it yet, and I will update this when i have the items and we are playing away. It was free shipping, but buying an expensive product, it should be.

The Outcome

Surprising. The items were delivered early and I only had to wait an extra day for the game to come separately. Its now 6 months later and although the above links are obsolete for pricing, I think you will find that now, on 12/6/12, the Sony and Walmart links still lead you to the best deals. My article and my findings still ring true.


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