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Complete Zuma Blitz Strategy Guide - Hints, Tips, Cheats and How to Get Free Idols (For Real!)

Updated on October 23, 2011

Basic Gameplay

Zuma Blitz is the latest game from Popcap Games for Facebook. If you have ever played Zuma before you know the basic premise of the game. You control a frog and you shoot colored balls at moving lines of other colored balls. Match 3 or more, they disappear and you get points. It’s as easy as that.

The original Zuma games had to be purchased to play more than a demo version, but with the creation of Zuma Blitz now you can play Zuma for free. There is no cost at all to play, though you can add additional boosts to the game for an additional charge using Facebook credits. Popcap is very generous however, and provides you mojo and idols (both forms of in game currency) as you progress through the game.

In Zuma Blitz Mojo is given for each ball you match and as a bonus when you level. Mojo is used to choose power-ups that can be used during the game. As you level, more of the power-ups become available for use.


  • · Bombs – Adds a bomb gem to the gems that roll out, they explode upon impact and burst nearby gems.
  • · Last Hurrah – Explodes all remaining power-up gems at the end of the game for extra points.
  • · Speed Shot – Makes your frog shoot 10% faster.
  • · Cannon - Adds a cannon gem to the rollout. When you match this, your next shot shoots a triple shot.
  • · Inferno Frog – Your inferno frog has 4 hotballs instead of 3.
  • · Fruit Master – Bonus fruit appears more often
  • · Chainblast –Gives a bonus if you get 10x chain or higher
  • · Chrono balls – Adds an additional second to the timer balls, for 6 seconds total
  • · Multiplier - Starts your game off at X2
  • There may be further options available but I have not made it past the multiplier balls.


In addition to these power-ups, there are special gems and bonuses that automatically appear in the game without any mojo cost. Keep in mind that not all of these bonuses appear in the game at level one, some are unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • · Multiplier Balls – Each one of these you hit will increase the score of everything else you hit for the remainder of the game. Hit these whenever possible!
  • · Timer Balls – Each time you hit one of these you get 5 seconds added to your total time. This can come in handy, and really add to your scores.
  • · Fruit – Hit it for instant bonus points. The more you hit each game the higher they are worth.
  • · Treasure Chest – Hit one of these for extra mojo at the end of the game, this can be a great way to boost your mojo supply.

The other type of currency available in the game is the idol. You can use them to purchase more mojo or to buy additional turns at playing the game if you run out. These are harder to get, you get a very few when you level, otherwise they must be purchased.

Tips and Hints and How to Get Free Idols!

There are many different strategies for the game, and everyone will have their own style. Here are some tips and hints to keep in mind and you can put together your own plan for beating your friends scores in Zuma Blitz.

  • · Gap shots are an incredible way to boost your points. Simply shoot between a gap in the gems to make a match on the back row. The smaller the gap, the bigger the bonus.
  • · Combos also help boost your final score. If you can match one group and then force more similar colored balls together with the same shot you will make a combo and increase your score.
  • · The color on the frog’s back shows what the next color will be, and right clicking will change to that color. Sometimes if you don’t see a good shot with the current color you can help yourself out by switching colors.
  • · If you are a speedy shooter you will activate “hot frog” which gives you three super fireballs that explode everything in their path. This is another great way to get some big scores.
  • · If you run out of available games you get to flip a coin and may win a free play. The first time you do this and lose you will be given free idols and allowed to purchase a heart refill.
  • · Along the same track the first time you run out of mojo you will be given free idols and allowed to purchase additional mojo.

The following is a list of what awards you will earn as you progress through the levels of Zuma Blitz. This is the most complete Zuma blitz level list on the internet.

Level Rewards

Rank Name
Mojo Gained
gifted when first starting the game or for those who didn't install the app
5 life containers
8:00 regeneration timer
Time Bonus Ball (+5 seconds when matched)
*Matching a time ball after time is up results in a consolation bonus with a huge explosion radius.
Hot Frog (shoots 3 exploding balls when the meter has filled).
Getting 20 matches with no more than a second between matches (doesn't necessarily have to be 20x chain) should do it. If you wait too long before you make another match your shot might not fill up the meter at all (or worse, reset it).
Kudo Carver
Spirit Animals (as many as 1 million score) is now unlocked
Temple Sweeper
Unlocks Temple (allows you to use powerups)
3 idol points (you will now receive 3 idols for each level up onwards)
One powerup slot
Bombs (explodes with a five ball radius when matched, 500 mojo cost)
*Only three bomb powerups can be on the screen at any gifted time.
Fruit Scout
Fruit appears on the game board (banana?), starting value 3,000 points. Fruit remains on the screen for 10 seconds.
Time Keeper
Last Hurrah powerup available (explodes any powerups on board and gives you points, 500 mojo)
Treasure Keeper
Treasure Chests have a chance of appearing only once in a game. When hit, gives you a chance of winning various amounts of Mojo. Initially 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 mojo are winnable.
Spear Sharpener
2nd Power Slot available (use as many as two powerups at once)
Hut Builder
Speed Ball powerup available (allows you to fire balls 10% faster (4 -> 4.4 balls/second), 500 mojo)
Heart Healer
Extra Life Container (increased from 5 -> 6)
Treasure Herder
Additional Treasure Slot (Opens 3000 mojo slot)
24 Hour Double XP Potion (you are gifted 100 idol points and must buy this)
Heart Mender
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 7:45)
Orb Smacker
Critical Hit (small chance a match gives two times pts, you will hear a distinct sound when you get one)
Temple Cleaner
3rd Power Slot
Path Hacker
Cannon powerup available (fires a 3 way piercing shot when matched in-game) (750 mojo)
*10 points per ball destroyed using the cannon, but the game will not explicitly tell you how many points you earned. Maximum of one cannon ball powerup on the board at any gifted time. Minimum delay of 10 seconds between one cannon ball powerup appears and another.
Fruit Slicer
New Fruit (mango), starting score increased from 3000 to 3300.
Heart Finder
Life container (increased from 6 -> 7)
Powder Packer
Inferno Frog powerup available (fires four balls in Red Frog mode instead of 3, 750 mojo)
Mojo Monger
50% more mojo gained per game.
Kudo Keeper
Spirit Animal Eagle (scores ranging 1.1-1.2 million have their own award category)
Heart Cleaner
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 7:30)
Sphere Smasher
Fruit Master powerup available (50% higher chance of fruit appearing, 750 mojo)
Heart Collector
Life Container (increased from 7 -> 8)
Kudo Guard
Spirit Animal Alligator (scores ranging 1.2-1.3 million have their own award category)
Heart Doctor
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 7:15)
Sphere Basher
Chain Blast powerup (causes explosion at x10 chain, then at x15, x20..., 1000 mojo)
Kudo Defender
Spirit Animal Shark (scores between 1.3-1.4 million have their own award)
Mojo Collector
More Mojo (+50% more mojo, for a total of 100% more mojo gained)
Sphere Crusher
Chrono Balls powerup (Time balls now give +6 seconds when active) (1000 mojo)
Heart Protector
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 7:00)
Treasure Sage
Additional Treasure Slot (opens top right, 8000 mojo square)
*The bug where you could only earn prizes on the top row was fixed in Jan 2011.
Heart Champion
Life Container (increased from 8 -> 9)
Sphere Smusher
Multiplier (Starts game with x2 multiplier) (1000 mojo)
Heart Hero
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 6:45)
Orb Eliminator
Critical Hit % Increased (1.52% chance / 11 games)
Fruit Chef
New Fruit (pineapple), starting score increased from 3300 -> 3600
Sphere Blaster
Tiki Bombs (upgrades Bombs powerup, increases bomb frequency by 33% (avg 7s between bomb powerups showing up, max 3 on the screen), cost increased to 1000 mojo)
Heart Legend
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 6:30)
Mojo Maven
More Mojo (+50% more mojo, total 150% more mojo gained)
Ball Cracker
Mega Hurrah (Last Hurrah explosions are worth twice as many points, replaces Last Hurrah powerup, cost increased to 1000 mojo)
Kudo Protector
Spirit Animal Elephant (scores ranging 1.4-1.5 million have their own award)
Heart Master
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 6:15)
Ball Smacker
Super Speed (upgrades Speed Ball, +20% ball firing speed, cost increased to 2000 mojo)
Fruit Warrior
New Fruit (coconut), starting score increased from 3600 -> 3900
Ball Zapper
Cannon King (upgrades Cannon powerup, increases the frequency that cannon balls appear by 33%*, cost increased to 2000 mojo)
Heart Chief
Faster Life regeneration (new regeneration timer: 6:00)
Orb Decimator
Critical Hit % Increase (2.5% avg chance of crit)
Mojo Master
More Mojo (50% more mojo)
Ball Exploder
Sun Frog (Upgrades Inferno Frog, 5 red frog shots, cost increased to 1500 mojo)
Kudo Mystic
Spirit Animal Jaguar (scores ranging 1.5-1.6 million have their own award)
Treasure Guard
Additional Treasure Slot (opens bottom right, 4 idol square)
Ball Burster
Fruit Master upgraded to Juicy Fruit, cost increased to 1500 mojo)
Fruit Champion
New Fruit (cacao) (starting score increased from 3900 -> 4200)
Orb Annihilator
Critial Hit % increase
Ball Crasher
Super Chain Blast (Upgrades Chain Blast, explosion at 9x chain, x13, x17..., cost increased to 2000 mojo)
Orb Expunger
Critical Hit % Increase
Kudo King
Spirit Animal Bear (scores ranging 1.6-1.7 million have their own award)
Ball Smasher
Voodoo Bombs (upgrades Tiki Bombs powerup, increases blast radius, cost increased to 2000 mojo)
Fruit Smoothie
New Fruit (kiwi) (starting score increased from 4200 -> 4500)
Orb Eradicator
Critical Hit % increase
Ball Basher
Epic Fruit (Upgrades Fruit Master powerup, makes fruit appear even more often, cost increased to 3000 mojo)
Orb Demolisher
Critical Hit % increase
Kudo Champion
Spirit Animal Lion (scores ranging 1.7-1.8 million have their own award)
Fruit Mystic
New Fruit (peach), starting score increased from 4500 -> 4800
Ball Hunter
Tempus Fugit (upgrades Chrono Balls, gives 7 seconds per time ball matched, cost increased to 2000 mojo)
Orb Eater
Critical Hit % increase
Treasure Champ
Additional Treasure Slot (opens bottom left, 8 idol square)
Ball Abolisher
Super Cannon (Upgrades Cannon King, fires a four-way cannon shot, cost increased to 4000 mojo)
Orb Clobberer
Critical Hit % Increase
Kudo Legend
[Spirit Animal Dinosaur (T-Rex)] (scores ranging 1.8-1.9 million have their own award)
Fruit Veteran
[New Fruit (avacado) (starting score increased from 4800 -> 5100)]
Ball Breaker
[Warp Ball (increases ball firing speed by 30%, cost increased to 2000 mojo)]
Orb Slammer
[Critical Hit % Increase]
Ball Blaster
[Mega Chain blast (increases explosion radius of the Super Chain Blast, cost increased to 4000 mojo]
Kudo Boss
[Spirit Animal Unicorn] (scores ranging 1.9-2 million have their own award)
Ball King
[Time Lord (8 seconds per time ball, cost increased to 4000 mojo)]
Kudo Veteran
[Spirit Animal Quetzalcoatl] (scores above 2 million have their own award)
Ball Paragon
[Multi Multiplier (Upgrades Multiplier, Start game with x3 multiplier, cost increased to 2000 mojo)]
Golden Frog
[Golden Frog (Increases shot speed by 10%, gives your frog a new look, regeneration timer changed to 4:00


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    • Donna M Gibson profile image

      Donna M Gibson 3 years ago from Astoria, New York

      Can someone tell me when and how I can use the extra lives I have accumulated?

    • profile image

      Misty 5 years ago

      the spacebar also works to switch balls

    • profile image

      Ann 6 years ago

      Is there a way to unfriend a person on Zuma Blitz?

    • profile image

      indirowsy 6 years ago

      tenk you

    • profile image

      THomas Patterson 6 years ago

      The timer stays at 1 and hasn't changed to 4

    • profile image

      Esther 6 years ago

      I was struggling week after week (I am at level 75 and just NOW got golden on my 250k) with 4th place and wondering how some of my friends were ALWAYS at least 100,000 higher than me. I have a MacBookPro, so it isn't ideal cause there is no mouse or right click, but I KNEW I could get a higher score. I experimented with different powers, but felt it was a waste most of the time, cause my score never got higher. Recently I started practicing and building up mojo without powers, and would play 8-10 games in a row with Chrono Balls, Chain, & Last Hurrah. I realized that the more I hit the balls that had at LEAST two together the chain power REALLY brought up my score. I have had gold medals for the past two weeks in a row (yeah!) and am currently #1 on the leader board this week. Although I still feel not having a mouse is holding me back a little, everyone is right! Speed and accuracy are KEY. I think gap shots are important too, but speed is more important. Good luck!

    • profile image

      Cassie 6 years ago

      Only use the hour glass and the X3 boosts. when you use antthing that blatst balls away, like the cannon. you mess up your combos. I am leader every week with this method. But you MUST learn to make gap shots or you will never be top dog:)

    • profile image

      rose 6 years ago

      thanks for all the help. im lvl 80 and just recently started scoring in the 1mil+. and everyone is right speed and accuracy is key. my personal combo fav are bombs+timelord+mutipliers.

    • profile image

      Mythran 6 years ago

      I'm level 70 and I'm scoring 1.5 million + on boards now with no powerups (I do use them, but not as often as I used to). It's all about the speed and accuracy...and gaps...I'm easily getting 600k+ total in gaps alone. You can get gaps over 100k per gap...

      First, focus on your multipliers (get them up as high as you can, 9x being highest). Then focus on speed and accuracy...if you see a gap and can make the shots, make use of the gap .. keep it open as long as possible. For the highest points, cross 2 gaps at once (tricky, but score the highest amount of points). Go for fruit as they appear, but ONLY if you can get it while maintaining accuracy, never waste a ball unless you absolutely have no shot that will pop balls. Speed is the most important...if you are not shooting at close to your maximum speed, chances are, you will not get a high score. Computer speed matters a bunch too. If you have ANY lag while playing the game, your computer is either too slow or using too many resources to play Zuma efficiently.

    • profile image

      Beth Annecchini (Johnson) 7 years ago

      The best powers to use that have helped me get my highest scores in the millions are: Chrono balls, either cannon or bombs ((sometimes both) but its great to blast thru the balls and get lots of fruit and gap shots!

    • profile image

      cec 7 years ago

      i'm level 78, high score this week 2.413.040 (timelord+multiplier x" is good for high scores.. and practice too :)

    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      I'm at level 80 and am usually at the top of my leaderboard. My highest score so far is 1.64 million. My personal opinion is to practice, practice, practice and try to get good at the game before you start using powers. All the powers in the world won't help if you are fast and accurate. When I do use powerups I usually use the cannon, time lord and multiplier. Happy Zuma shooting.

    • profile image

      Kat O 7 years ago

      Hi... I'm level 28 but have low scores most of the time. I know I have to increase my speed and accuracy but what 3 powers are best to use at this stage of the game? thanks

    • profile image

      deb 7 years ago

      my friend is on level 80 and now she is the only one of us that scores over 1,000,000 every week!!! i want to know too! haHA

    • profile image

      ZumaAddict 7 years ago

      Get quicker in your clicking lol. Accuracy is important too. The more shots that remove balls that you make in a row, the more points you will obtain for your shots. Also, as stated above, taking advantage of gap shots and multiplier balls will help in boosting your score. Myself, I use bombs, last hurrah and chrono balls as my specials. Sometime mulitplier but the cannon and chian cause me to lose focus and and slow me down because is ruined my next shots i saw. Happy hunting.

    • profile image

      Lucy 7 years ago

      Im on level 80 and wass told i could score a really high score once on this level . . .It doesn't seem to be any different at all ..What am i doing wrong?

    • profile image

      nitish 7 years ago

      That's pretty cool XD! Thanx

    • profile image

      k-dog 7 years ago

      I am level 74 and my ? is what are some of the best combo powers that I can use to obtain some high scores

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      There is a pause button on the top right of the screen. Right where the store button is before you start playing the game.

    • profile image

      dam 7 years ago

      Is there a way to pause the game? I've tried numerous key strokes with no luck at pausing.

    • profile image

      rp 7 years ago

      treasure chests will only pop up in some games. is there a strategy in having them show in a game?

    • smackins1974 profile image

      smackins1974 7 years ago from UK

      Great hub, much better info compared to others I have read about Zuma. Voted up.


      Sarah (currently level 70 on Zuma)

    • profile image

      Bridget 7 years ago

      I made it to level 80. No more levels :(

    • profile image

      To jude 7 years ago

      using the different powers

    • profile image

      Jude 7 years ago

      How do I use he mojo?

    • profile image

      Jonathan 7 years ago

      XP and Mojo earned per game are both a function of how many balls you destroy, not your score. Try to achieve multiples of 50 (although there is no improvement for 550 balls over 500).

    • profile image

      d2ld3 7 years ago

      I'd like to know how they score. What is the XP? The fruit says 3600 but how come I only end up with a score of 350?

    • profile image

      Crystal 7 years ago

      · Chrono balls – Add 6 seconds instead of 5 to the add time balls

      · Multiplier - starts you off at X2 instead of X1 for scoring

    • profile image

      JenTriss 7 years ago

      Thank you for the info. I was not sure exactly how some of the "power ups" worked. I have been weighing the cost verses the mojo return.


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