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Things to Know About Crime City On Facebook

Updated on December 21, 2010

With approximately 5 million monthly users, Crime City is one of Facebook's popular social games where you are required to fortify the size of your mafia, which would represent your overall strength in the game, making it much easier to take on others as well as defend yourself. In a way, Crime City does resemble Mafia Wars, though both differ in various ways.


Crime City


Customize Your Avatar

In the game, you are free to take on either a male or a female avatar, which you could also customize in accord to your sense of fashion.

Your hood

Your hood, presumably gangster slang for 'neighborhood', where you give full rein to your imagination in managing your properties, be they the buildings or sidewalk decorations. A steel mill and a laundromat will be your starting properties in your hood, respectively supplying you with steel and in-game cash for a period of time, whereas energy is supplied, albeit sparingly, by others as well.

In-game Currency

The main currency in Crime City is money, with which purchase of properties and equipment beneficial to your in-game progress is granted possible. Certain equipment requires diamonds in purchase, received from completing various in-game jobs along with money as well. Steel, as mentioned above, is used for purchase and upgrading buildings to up income for a period of time, the only in-game currency accessible via the steel mill in your hood. Last and certainly not least is respect, represented as a grey metal coin in the game with an R inscribed on it, which you receive from robbing and fighting others, be they found wandering in your hood, your mafia's or simply in their's. Respect is currency in purchase for equipment in carrying out certain jobs as well.


Your avatar will be equipped with three skills, as can be seen in your profile: attack, defense and energy. Attack is what determines your success in executing jobs and fights with other players, whereas defense ascertains your chances of warding off attacks successfully from others. It is advisable to spend your skill points, which you receive every time you gain a level, on your energy attribute during the first few levels in order to complete more jobs and fight more battles.

Jobs and Quests

In every region, unlike Mafia Wars, Crime City incorporates in its gameplay a degree of adult violence, with your avatar visibly assaulting something or someone with a gun or lack thereof as an indication that a job or a fight is in progress. Here, every job is done by clicking on either the buildings or in-game NPCs (non-playable characters), with the number of clicks constituting the number of stages required to complete a job.

On the other hand, quests are represented by icons on the left side of the screen, all of which entails a reward of experience and money upon completion of various tasks required done.

Tips on Leveling

More energy means more jobs and fights done in Crime City. Instead of waiting a whole day for a full energy regeneration, you could receive a supply of energy straight away for a period of time either from certain buildings built on your hood or by visiting your mafia's hoods, which would grant you free cash as well. Or, there is always the unpleasantly costly alternative of receiving a full energy regeneration in exchange for Facebook credits...

Crime City is more or less a Sims-like rendition of the highly acclaimed social game that is Mafia Wars that I'm sure those with a penchant for moderate in-game violence would love to try their hands on.


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      9 years ago

      Add me 643 016 469

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      9 years ago

      hello there tom it took me ages to find it i think this is there contact

      filling address ,check out there great prices ,tell them martin put you on

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      9 years ago

      How do you change your weapons on there?

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      10 years ago

      How do you get in your car and change your avatar?

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      md umar 

      10 years ago

      tell about how you change your damn avatar!

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      10 years ago

      no fun


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