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Criminal Case Walkthrough Guide

Updated on October 10, 2013
Criminal Case Walkthrough
Criminal Case Walkthrough | Source

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Criminal Case Introduction

Criminal Case is a hidden object game that is available on Facebook and iOS. What is fun about this game is that it tests your reaction time and also your "detective" skills by being able to spot the hidden items that you are suppose to find.

Game Basics

Here are some basic stuff that I will break it down for you so you can get going playing the game.

Energy Bar

This is the bar that determines how many cases you can solve. Each case that you want to investigate. Each case you want to investigate will case you 20 energy. You have a maximum total of 110. You can get more by either getting an energy drink or ask your friends for some.

Level Bar

This indicates how much experience you need to get to the next level. Leveling up will give you benefits such as customizing your character by buying custom shirts and accessories.


This is the in game currency that you can use to buy custom items for your characters.


This is the real money currency. This is your all powerful cash that can be used on almost anything to speed up autopsy and also buying energy when you run out of it. Think of it as a quick fix that allows you supercharge your game and get you to the later stages much faster. Almost every Facebook game has some sort of real money currency. Criminal Case is no different.


You can earn stars when you finish a campaign scene. You can collect up to 5 stars for each scene and those stars are used to investigate main items that helps you advance to the next scene. These stars are needed to proceed further. You will have to revisit each scene to try to collect more stars. Depending on how quickly you can find the hidden objects each time you can collect them faster by scoring higher points in each scene.

Each time you use a star for your main investigation, you gain valuable information that allows you to unlock new suspects or find new evidence. It kind of reminds me of the real criminal investigation cases, which is really fun.


This is the spot where they do autopsy for you when you retrieve a victim from the crime scene. Things get analyzed and you can get clues to try and find your suspect.


When you have friends playing the game, they can give you extra hints to help you out in the crime scene. This is vital if you are playing a brand new case and everything is new to you. They come in handy in situations like these. They can also help you with the reports as well.

Extra Stuff

These are some extra stuff that enhances the experience of the game but does not influence the game play too much.

Customize Your Character

You can use your coins to buy different stuff for your character to give it a unique look. It is separated into 4 sections-

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Hair
  • Face

Get a Dog

You can adopt a dog at level 4 and have a trusty companion by your side.

Trading Cards

Each time you use your partner to help you in crime scenes, you send a card to them. If they have you help them, you receive a card. When you collect a set of cards, you can exchange them for some rewards such as energy drink, experience or coins. It is a nice bonus to have while you are playing the game.

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus gives you prizes everyday you login. This is a nice reward for logging in every day. It just takes 30 seconds and it is yours. Isn't that cool?

Send Energy to Help Your Friends

You can send extra energy to help your friends do an extra scene or two. In return, you also get some bonus energy.

Case 1 - Death of Rosa Wolf

This case is pretty easy. However, when you complete it and you want to get the max possible stars, it can get quite confusing. Below are the hints and tips that is going to help you get the items faster for Roadside and Wrecked House.

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# | Source


Criminal Case is a really fun game and you should try it out during your leisure time!

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