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Crysis 3 Chapter 1 Post Human

Updated on February 27, 2013

Crysis 3 Begins

Crysis 3 begins when Prophet is broken out of his cryo-stasis
Crysis 3 begins when Prophet is broken out of his cryo-stasis

Crysis 3 Breach the CELL Staging Area and Enter the Liberty Dome

In Crysis 3, Prophet is released from his cryo-stasis by his comrade in arms Psycho. Prophet and Psycho must try to get to and enter the liberty dome. This will guide Prophet on how to breach the CELL Staging area and achieve these primary objectives.

Prophet’s nanosuit has blended into his human tissue to produce a hybrid; hence the name of chapter 1 post human. Prophet will descend from his cryo-cell into a rain drenched area. Follow Psycho into the first area and checkpoint. Here, Prophet must use the Hammer II to take out numerous enemies. Take the time to go into cloak mode and put down the enemies. The Hammer II can be customized to be silent and can be combined with stealth to achieve a total stealth takedown in this area.

Once the first area is cleared, follow Psycho to the second area. Psycho will give the hero the Predator Bow. For the moment, use the impact arrows for silent take downs. The predator bow only has nine arrows, so be conservative.

Crysis 3 Get Predator Bow

Prophet will get the Predator Bow very shortly after the start of Chapter 1
Prophet will get the Predator Bow very shortly after the start of Chapter 1

Crysis 3 Predator Bow

The Predator Bow is an advanced hunting weapon that allows the hero to alternate between various draw speeds to customize accuracy versus damage. Arrows range from impact mode, super-thermite tip (explosive effect), electric-charge tip and airburst frag tip (effective against fast movers).

Use the predator bow to take down the enemies in the next area. Remember to collect the arrows from the body after using them.

Crysis 3 Open the Door in Chapter 1

Once this second area is cleared, follow Psycho to a door. Prophet must crack the windows with bullets and then use his visor to hack the terminal.

Crysis 3 Get to the Liberty Dome

Once the heroes are past the door, Psycho will go ballistic upon seeing some imagery. They will depart past another door and the heroes will separate. Psycho will climb up a ladder and Prophet will proceed to take down the enemies in this vast area solo. Prophet has the chance here to hack a turret so that is will turn on the enemy. Rendezvous with Psycho and learn the true landscape of the post human era that has befallen New York City.


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