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What Is Cuponk - Not Kuponk, It's A Cup Pong Ball Game

Updated on November 24, 2011

What Is Cuponk?

You remember Zhu-Zhu pets? Well, Cuponk is the hot new toy for boys this Christmas season.

The object of the game is to throw this ping-pong-ball-looking-thing into a cup that lights up at the bottom. It also has a little speaker on it so when you make a shot, it plays some little victory music or cheers you on. When someone misses, it's up to the next person to take a shot. Either way, the point is to make the most intricate shots as you possibly can. Everything in the house is now an object for the ball to bounce off of to make it into the cup. Stairs, chairs, tables, walls, skateboards, ladders, anything, but the more intricate, the better. The package comes with a list of cleverly named shots like "Runny Nose", "Head Trauma" and "Stool Sample". Not names a young girl would be into, but the boys will definitely like it. Girls may still find it just as entertaining.


Different Cuponk Games
Different Cuponk Games

Boys Christmas Gifts - Cuponk Is Gonna Be Huge

Cuponk comes with one themed "CUPONK cup" (out of three to choose from, see the side bar on the right), two themed "CUPONK balls" (match the theme of the cup), thirty of those cleverly named trick cards to master, a funnel looking accessory that also matches the theme of the cup, and an instruction guide (which basically says "Step one, throw ball at cup. Step Two, remove ball and go back to step one.").

Why Buy Cuponk For Your Kids?

So why buy this for your kids? Well, it is the big thing right now. When it comes to boys Christmas gifts, this is the top desired toy. Bigger than rip stiks right now.

You hope your kids will go to college some day, right? Well, if you get them this, they will go to college as Beer Pong experts. You don't want your kids to drink and play beer pong? Chances are, they will. It's a fact of life. The good news: if they're experts, they won't drink much. Why? Because the point of Beer Pong is to get the OTHER players to drink. So if your son is up there winning, he's not drinking. Win-Win!

The REAL Benefits Of Cuponk

Aside from that, there's also the fact that it increases hand eye coordination. That will benefit your kids when they learn to drive, or play any sports. This also will help their creative abilities and cognitive thinking, when it comes to coming up with new shots. Not to mention the basic physics and geometry that are involved in figuring out just HOW to make that awesome shot. They won't know it, but their brain is performing complicated functions to figure out how to make those shots.

Make Your Own Cuponk Game

Some of you may be thinking "this is stupid, why would I buy this for my kid?" The short answer: because they want it.  You want your kids to be happy, right?  And it's only $14.99.  That's a pretty affordable toy.  You could buy them a $400 PlayStation 3 instead.  Yeah, that's what I thought.

However, there is an alternate route.  You could make your own.  Yeah, it's easy.  All you need is a $5 pack of ping pong balls, and a package of red Solo disposable cups.  Your kids want it to be themed?  Go find some pictures on the internet, print them out, and have your kids decorate their own cups with whatever they want.  Your kids like World Of Warcraft?  Stick an Elf on the cup. This cost you less than $15 and you can throw them out when your kid gets bored with them in 6 months.


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