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Custom Card Ideas - Ah, You Shouldn't Have!

Updated on November 6, 2015


Unlike Steeds, I'm a bit of a fan of Ships in Munchkin. They're much better utilized in Munchkin Booty, because they're not terrible in Star Munchkin, only underused (in my own opinion). Since they're underused (and I consider the core Star Munchkin deck to be really good on its own, especially with some of the cards from Space Ships), this helps to keep Ships more in rotation.

What does this Card do?

The cards thusly, "Take the bottom Ship card from the deck and put it into play, even if you could not otherwise do so. Keep this card with the Ship as a reminder."

Basically this card grants you a free ship, randomly drawn from the bottom of the deck (which allows more ships higher up in the deck to be drawn and put in play) and ignores your current ship situation. If you can equip one ship but don't have any, this doesn't count against it. If you're maxed out on available ships, this gives you a free add-on.


Yeah, this card is a little on the less imaginative side, but there's a reason. With Munchkin Booty, I loved the inclusion of ships to the point it became more of a game of who had a stronger fleet than other players, instead of items. When I got the expansion for Star Munchkin, I was a bit disappointed. Ship cards were added in after the Core Deck and another expansion, and were hardly common at that point. Abilities to give you more ships were also rare. Thusly, I created this card to change that up a little. For that reason, it's more necessary to be placed with Star Munchkin but operates normally with Booty. This card really won't work with any other decks unless you combine two different genres.

Also, nowhere on this card does it protect the ship from any other card. This not only permits you to draw a new Ship card, but to put it into play immediately as well. It is not Curse proof or any other such nonsense.

Deck Compatibility

Obviously this is specifically made to accommodate Star Munchkin, although like a few other Ship-themed custom cards, this can very easily be made to accommodate Munchkin Booty as well. After all, Munchkin Booty took the Ship idea and did it right.

Otherwise, there aren't really many other decks that carry the resources for Ship cards unless you infuse them with a lot of custom Ships.

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More Munchkin

I've got plenty more Munchkin Custom Card Ideas that I invite for you to look through. Also, as I've spent far too money on numerous Munchkin decks and expansions, I can tell you which ones are worth it, which aren't, and why.


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