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Custom Card Ideas: Birth Control Glasses

Updated on July 19, 2015


I heard from this phrase before from a friend in the military, and I couldn't get it out of my head. Birth Control Glasses refer to the goggles soldiers use in combat to be able to see if they have less than stellar vision. The goggles cause the person's eyes to be huge to anyone looking at them, causing them to be hilariously unattractive, which results in the name. Granted in combat, a soldier needs to be able to see clearly, which forces them to wear said glasses.

This card has the effects of both good and bad from other cards, notably the Investigator from Munchkin Cthulu.

What the Card Does

The card reads thusly: "Can be worn with other headgear. You may look at the top card before you Kick Down the Door. You may choose to discard 3 cards from your hand, put the new Door in your hand and turn over the next Door. However, you cannot help or be helped by the opposite sex (n)or have a Hireling of the opposite sex." It's Headgear and is worth 400 Gold Pieces, as well as providing +1 Bonus.

In quick terms you can see what's coming for you when you Kick Down the Door, and choose to plan for it or pick up the card. However, you're limited only to helping people in combat of the same sex in game, as well as possibly being penalized depending on the sex of your Hireling (if your Hireling has a determined sex that is).


It's an Item that gives that Investigator power I mentioned earlier, but to elaborate this item gives you a little bit of foresight and manipulation over the game. See a Curse or Monster you can't handle, give up 3 cards, and now it's yours. But this is a pretty good ability that anyone can use, so we added on the selective sex helper while sprinkling on a bit of humor.

If you see a Monster you know you can't deal with, plan on its Bad Stuff. Sell treasures if you're going to die, use Go Up a Level cards, play Curses on others, and so on and so forth. You can do this even if you don't have 3 cards to give up to take up the card. If Monsters get bonuses depending on certain things you have, or a Curse card that will cause you to lose a specific item, see if there's some way you can take an advantage of the situation instead of a loss.

You can screw over the user of this card. Whenever they're in a combat, either helping or being helped, you can play a Curse! Change Sex card on them to ruin their would-be team-up. This might not only hurt them with other players, but also harm those with a Hireling card of a specific sex.

Deck Compatibility

As many of the other cards I create, this card is compatible with any of the decks. There are a couple of unique attributes to it however, most obviously with Munchkin Cthulu. The Investigator card has an ability that's very similar to this card's power. However, the Investigator card is not handicapped by only working with same-sex players unlike the Birth Control Glasses.

This card is also uniquely handicapped by playing with a group of same-sex players (say, everyone's a guy or everyone's a girl). It's the perfect time for someone to Curse another player to change sex, rendering them unable to accept or offer help to another player during Combat. They'll be stuck this way or have to get rid of the Birth Control Glasses.

Divide by Zero Moment

If you're wearing the Birth Control Glasses, you might be partnered up with the Handcuffs. What if you're partnered with a player with a different sex? Well, neither one of you can play in combat as long as both items are equipped. However, you can easily get rid of this unwinnable situation by selling the Birth Control Glasses or having to give it up to satisfy a Curse card. Remember, you cannot simply discard the Birth Control Glasses after they've become equipped.

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