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Custom Card Ideas: Prime-Evil

Updated on July 30, 2015


Ah, math and literary puns all in one! Add some more chaos into your game with the help of this card. You can kill monsters, sure, but you can easily kill teammates as well! Have I mentioned in my other posts that I am a huge proponent for player death in any game of Munchkin? Never will your combat level matter as much as it does now.

What the Card does

The card of the day is The Prime-Evil. The card's effect reads thusly: Immediately when you play this card, all actions stop. Any munchkin and/or monster with a combat level equal to a prime number dies. After this card's affect has been applied, play resumes. Sure, this card might take a little bit of math (lots of Munchkin actually does, coincidentally) but when it's played, it's always fun to have everyone recount their score to see if they are cleared or not.


Basically, everything with a prime number dies immediately. (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, and so forth.) At least when they're starting out, Monsters have a Level range of 1-20, so there's a good number of prime numbers in there ready to be preyed upon. Flesh out a horde of monsters with any cards you can use to apply this effect and rank in the Treasures (but not the levels). This could save your life when fighting a specific monster (say a Level 19 or something similar), or you could simply kill off another player that you've been carefully watching. Of course, everyone has to tally their combat bonuses, so you might have unforseen consequences. You know that person you have made a more or less alliance wiht not to screw each other over? Yeah, this card might kill them.

Of course, you could play this card to kill yourself. There are a few custom cards I've created that celebrate Death, but few of them come with stipulations. With so many prime numbers available, you should be more easily able to kill yourself (instead of waiting to be in a combat and using Ritual Knife or killing off another player to use Genocide). Of course, for mass chaos pair up Prime Evil and Genocide together! However, note that the Prime Evil more or less freezes play. You can no more play Genocide if you're already marked for death than you could sell items or Curse another player. Also, if you find your combat level too high, you might be able to profit more by selling your items to reach a desired level and then play Prime Evil.

Also, this is a card that preys more upon lower levels, as the prime numbers tend to be more frequent there. Playing this card early game may greatly help out the wearer of the Necrophillic Amulet.

Deck Compatibility

Once again, all decks. Decks with cards that affect your level more regularly (such as the Thief's stealing ability that may cause him to lose a level) may be utilized to make this card more controllable.

However, this card will likely lose some usability against players during Epic Munchkin games (where you play to level 20 instead of 10). While that can happen, double drawing two Monster cards during Kick Down the Door phase may allow you kill both of them instantly while playing the Prime Evil.

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