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Custom Card Ideas: Soul of the Warden

Updated on March 3, 2016

Hate it when other players steal your stuff? Is this especially annoying when you find that you fail every attempt to steal another player's goods? There's a Soul for that.

What Does the Card Do?

Soul of the Warden is designed to help you best protect your stuff from other players. "Protects all of your cards from 'stealing' effects. The owner of this card is not able to steal cards from other other players."

So, yeah. Ignore other players who are particuarly envious of your stuff. At the same time, you'll find that the Thief class card is next to useless for you.


Honestly, it's...a bit underwhelming, actually. In my opinion (in retrospect), it's one of the worse Soul cards I've created. It might come in handy, particularly if someone is hit with the Madness Kleptomania from the Cthulu deck expansion. I mean, it still serves it's own purpose, being a Soul card. Having it does increase the strength of the Soul Brand, as well as being able to be given for Sell Your Soul!

It's supposed to be a sibling to Soul of the Pure, but let's face it, Stealing is far more infrequent than Cursing equivalents are. At the very least, it will protect you from the Soulstealer Soul card that will also frequent the same games as this card will.

What is 'Stealing?'

Some instances of stealing will be very obvious. The Thief class in the standard Munchkin core deck, the Rogue Sidekick in Star Munchkin, and the Madness! Kleptomania all directly refer to stealing another player's card or item. Another custom card of mine, the Soulstealer, is pretty obviously a 'stealing' effect.

But Soul of the Warden does not prevent all cases of unwanted loss. A lot of your Bad Stuff and Curse! cards will cause you to lose items and cards, and this has no bearing on that. Interestingly enough, there is a Door card in Munchkin Booty that lets you choose what card your selected opponent will give you. It says nothing about stealing, so Soul of the Warden is once again meaningly in such a situation.

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