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Custom Card Ideas: Tiny Nuke

Updated on May 29, 2017


It's the time that level 9 Munchkin is going for the win. Everyone's ready to lay on as much hurt as possible. He Looks for Trouble and plays a Level 1 Monster. You could add a Level 20 Monster, but that's not nearly enough, nor are all the one-shot Items or the Monster Enhancers. Still, you play them all anyways, but still fall 10 points short. The well-prepared and powerful level 9 Munchkin laughs as he hits level 10 and wins.

That's why I created the Tiny Nuke. On its own, it looks like a piss-poor Level 5 Monster with the typical 2 Treasures, and the only Bad Stuff is to lose a Level. "How does he think this is going to solve the problem above?" You might be thinking. Well, that's fair. Let me read the card for you.

What the Card does

"If you beat the monster(s) by 10+ combat levels, it explodes killing everything in combat including the munchkin(s)."

Instead of overpowering the indomitable level 9 Munchkin, throw him something that's designed to kill him by how powerful he already is! Even better, if he's somehow able to strengthen the monster to a more equal standing with himself, bolster him up with one-shot items to overbalance him again (nothing's more irritating, I assure you)! In an early or typical mid-game of Munchkin, the Tiny Nuke isn't very spectacular; having a combat level 15+ is possible, but easily rectified by a one-shot item or monster enhancer to avoid the destruction.

In the case the Tiny Nuke does explode, everything in the combat is lost (unless you've got something like the Photo of Dorian Gray which allows you to retain all of the rewards). Remember, if you have a team member in combat as well, they'll die too. Any monsters in the combat that have after-battle prolongation will lose it, as they will also be killed.


When it's time to go for the level, a Munchkin player should be ready to blow all his resources against his opposition. It's a race of the single player trying to win while everyone else is trying to stop them. Too often players will strive to be obscenely powerful and the only way to stop them is forcing the player to end their turn prematurely or to make the monster(s) stronger. With the Tiny Nuke, you can stop a player trying to kill a Level 1 Monster, or bait them into using a lot of cards before sending the Tiny Nuke in to blow everything away, especially if all other players aside from you have played their cards. This will help clear a lot of options from the field.

You can also play it with measured results, killing it when you're at roughly the same level or even when you're stronger, netting more Treasures by playing Monster Enhancers. Conversely, amp up the monsters when you have something that grants you an immunity to Death (such as the aforementioned Photo of Dorian Gray) then detonate the Tiny Nuke and claim all the Treasures (but no levels, because you technically don't kill the Monsters, the Tiny Nuke's explosion does as it says on the card).

Ways to Avoid This Card's Effect:

  • Ritual Knife/ Sacrifice- Kill yourself or your teammate! Instead of being overpowering, you can take control of the situation. If no Munchkins are alive, or if the Monsters are stronger, then there's no explosion.
  • Removing the Card from the Fight- If there's no monster, it's effect no longer occurs. Since there's only one monster like this, it might be worth it sending it to the discard pile more quickly than not. Despite having a low level, this monster is potentially more dangerous than higher tier monsters. Conversely, use other cards that have similar effects to sending the monster to the discard.
  • Annihilation- Simply use this card to get rid of the card for the game.

Deck Compatibility

This card works with any deck but it works best with decks that have numerous expansions, especially the traditional fantasy Munchkin genre. With so many expansions and additional equipment options such as more Hirelings and Steeds, players become more powerful than they do vulnerable, and the Tiny Nuke is always a nasty surprise when you think you're on top of the game. The Tiny Nuke card also works well with the card '...And its Mommy' which theoretically creates another more powerful Tiny Nuke card, just in case the other player lowers his combat level to not detonate the Tiny Nuke.

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More Munchkin

I've got plenty more Munchkin Custom Card Ideas! Also, as I've spent far too money on numerous Munchkin decks and expansions, I can tell you which ones are worth it, which aren't, and why.


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