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DCUO Character Creation

Updated on November 8, 2011

DCUO Character Creation

DCUO Character Creation - A Fireball Wielding Superheroine Inspired by Wonder Woman
DCUO Character Creation - A Fireball Wielding Superheroine Inspired by Wonder Woman

DCUO Character Creation

With DC Universe Online becoming free, the DCUO character creation has become an important question in the mind of the DC Universe Online new gamer. Just how does one create a character in the DC Universe to best fit with the superhero or super villain's playing style and also to fit with the ideal superhero or super villain in the gamer's mind? This will illustrate the DCUO character creation using examples to answer the above questions. With these examples and initial gameplay in the DC Universe Online game, gamers can decide if they want to download the game. Downloading the game takes about 14 gigs of data and depending on where the superhero or super villain is will take some time, and some commitment in deciding on whether to download the free DCUO game or not.

DCUO Character Creation Inspirations

With DCUO now free to play, there has been a new influx of superheroes and super villains into the DC Universe. These budding superheroes and super villains have all been inspired by their childhood superheroes and super villains, and these inspirations serve as the basis for the creation of their own characters in DCUO.

For DCUO Superheroes, the inspirations can be drawn from a variety of superheroes that have become household names. These superheroes include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter. Using the example of Wonder Woman, one can create a magical character in the DC Universe Online in keeping with the mystical magical prowess of Wonder Woman. This new character will be dressed in a superheroine costume that will be laced with yellow, red and blue, and will also be fit for battles against the villains of the DC Universe.

For DCUO Super Villains, the inspirational sources may be less well known. These sources include Lux Luthor and Catwoman amongst others. The DCUO Super Villain derived form the Joker can look seriously scary. The DCUO Super Villain derived from Catwoman can look really cool, especially with the headgear tweeted a little. Nevertheless, these superheroes and super villains need to be equipped with the correct weapons and super powers to survive the DCUO main protagonist - Brainiac.

DCUO New Superheroine Powers

DCUO New Superheroine Testing Her Powers ie Fireball Against the Brainiac Ship Guardian Whilst Flying
DCUO New Superheroine Testing Her Powers ie Fireball Against the Brainiac Ship Guardian Whilst Flying

DCUO Character Creation Powers and Weapons

In DCUO Character Creation, the next important questions are in deciding if the DCUO character should be a ranged attacker, a tank and melee fighter or a combination of both. This will decide the DCUO character's powers and weapons. These DCUO powers and weapons to some extent depends on the inspirations from which the DCUO character was taken from, but the ultimate decision still lies with the gamer.

As an example, if Wonder Woman was the inspiration, then the character created in question can take on the magical powers that created Wonder Woman. These magical powers can include powers from the domain of ice or the domain of fire. As the heroine progresses in the game, there will be a power tree skill list that will increase the powers of these domains of ice or fire. The fireball power can be expanded to include heat absorption and stun or simply increase the power of fireball so that it explodes more often and with greater diameter and greater damage. And these are just the choices at the beginning of the power development tree. Imagine the character at the end of the power development tree, and how awesome this fire or ice wielding superhero will become - on par or even exceeding the prowess of Wonder Woman.

The DCUO character creation also takes into account the "normal" weapon of the character. In this case, for Wonder Woman, the magical lasso is her "normal" weapon. For this particular character, choices for the weapon varies from bow to double pistols. For a mystical ranged attacker flying from above, perhaps the bow will be a more ideal choice.

The DCUO character powers and weapons creation for super villains will be separately discussed.

DCUO Applying the Newly Created Character to Initial Gameplay

In DCUO, one of the most exciting parts of the game will be applying the newly created character to the initial gameplay. For superheroes, this will be trying to escape from Brainiac's spaceship prison. It's time to unleash those fireballs and bow and arrows shots from above. At this moment, the answer to the question - "does this character fit the superhero playing style and heroics of the ideal superhero in my mind?" will be answered, at least initially.

Test play this newly created character as she zooms through the corridors of the spaceship burning the brainiac droids and destroying the brainiac droid bosses. At the end of this mission, the heroine will have to team up with Superman in destroying the brainiac spaceship guardian. Once this boss is destroyed, the heroine can teleport down to Metropolis and explore the dream city of the DC Universe. The heroine can even teleport to Watchtower if she so wanted.

DCUO Character Creation Free vs Paid

In DCUO, superheroes and super villains can be created for free. Gamers also have the choice of paying the premium rates or a smaller amount. Free DCUO character play only allows for 2 DCUO character creation slots. That means only two characters to create and to be inspired from the thousands of household superheroes and super villains out there. Paid versions allow for more character creations slots. With DCUO becoming free, the servers have had such an influx of new superheroes and super villains that it takes a long time to log in and one has to follow a queue. Paid versions are likely to allow for a shorter time to log in.

So without hesitation, head to the universe that is free DCUO and begin the action starting with DCUO character creation.

Following DCUO character creation, let's take the superhero or superheroine through the hero faction missions and gameplay -

DCUO Finding and Rescuing Zatanna.


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