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DCUO Rescue Zatanna

Updated on November 8, 2011

DCUO Zatanna

DCUO Enter Zatanna - Finding and Rescuing Zatanna
DCUO Enter Zatanna - Finding and Rescuing Zatanna

DCUO Rescue Zatanna

In DCUO, the superhero is tasked with the act of rescuing Zatanna in the early stages of the DCUO game in the heroes faction. Zatanna is a magician in the DC Universe who casts spells by speaking the spell words backwards. She has been trapped by Felix Faust in Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop. The superhero must find and rescue Zatanna and later team up with Zatanna in attempting to destroy Felix Faust.

DCUO Finding Madame Xanadu Magic Shop

In DCUO, the first stage in rescuing Zatanna is to find Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop. The navigation system in DCUO is easy. Just follow the arrow on the right upper corner and then fly over (assuming the superhero is one who can fly) the buildings to reach Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop.

DCUO Enemies Within the Magic Shop

In DCUO, once the superhero enters Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop, he or she is bombarded in all directions by enemies. The most powerful of these enemies is the wizard magent who wields a staff like a flame thrower and can release a jet of flame at the superhero. Launch the superhero's trademark powers at this wizard magent, and reserve the traditional melee or ranged skill attacks on the lesser enemies such as the soulless thralls and the magent neophytes. Be extra careful of the wizard magent as he can ground the superhero and prevent flying and reduce mobility. It is also worthwhile to watch the hit points of the superhero in the fight against the enemies within the magic shop, as the superhero can be knocked out once the hit points are reduced to 0, and the superhero has to start all over again.

DCUO Finding and Rescuing Zatanna

In DCUO, the march into the chamber containing the pedestal holding Zatanna captive is fairly straightforward. The superhero just has to survive the enemies along the way. Once the superhero reaches the chamber containing Zatanna, the key is to destroy the pillars holding Zatanna captive in the four corners of the pedestal. Once these pillars are destroyed, the spell of silence on Zatanna is released, and Zatanna can team up with the superhero in destroying the remaining enemies in the Magic Shop.

This DCUO rescuing Zatanna mission is an excellent way to test the early DCUO hero so created and how the different level up pathways in the DCUO hero character can affect gameplay. Also no one can refuse rescuing a damsel in distress, especially if that damsel is Zatanna. Let's relive the important moments in Zatanna's life - being rescued, her role in Smallville, and other television series.

Next up, finding and destroying Felix Faust.

DCUO Finding and Rescuing Zatanna

Zatanna in Justice League Unlimited

Zatanna vs Green Arrow in Smallville


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