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DDO epic dungeons list

Updated on October 30, 2010

These are optional challenges for high level characters in Dungeons and Dragons online. It's a popular MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) by Turbine. Epics are arguably the most difficult quests in the virtual world.

What is this mode?

It's a beefed up version of the original missions. Traps are deadly. Each and every monster you fight has much higher health than anything else encountered in the game. They have built up resistances to most strategies (see below for examples) and even the tiniest kobold can kill your adventurer very easily. An epic dungeon also has rewards. You can upgrade any of the quest items from their locations to a more powerful version. Completing several can also give you a true heart of wood, used to reincarnate your character.

Be careful your entire group doesn't die! You can't re-enter an epic dungeon in this game once you leave.

Here is a list of some strategies that will NOT work in an epic dungeon:

  • Vorpal weapons. The ward automatically granted to every monster in these quests protects them from "kill" effects. This also includes spells like Finger of Death and Wail of the Banshee.
  • Weakening of Enfeebling (WoE), Maladroit of Bone Breaking (MoB) and Wounding of Puncturing (WoP) weapons. Typically these would quickly bring an enemy to helpless status. Monsters are stunned in this state and some allow you to critical with every hit. The effects of these special DDO weapons which reduce enemy ability scores is drastically reduced in a dungeon on epic mode. It's not even worth carrying one in your inventory there.
  • Nuking spells. Some magic does work well (ie: Firewall is a common strategy), but almost all of these monsters have far too much health to be killed by ball lightnings and polar rays. Blade Barrier is slightly effective but only for expert clerics and favored souls.

Most other strategies in the game will still work. Now that you know what to expect, you can take your team to the following areas:

Velah the Red Dragon in Epic VoN6.
Velah the Red Dragon in Epic VoN6.


Up to twelve people can help your group in these epic missions. The following DDO raid dungeons currently have this difficulty mode:

  • Zawabi's revenge. Typically called the Demon Queen Lailat or DQ2.
  • The Chronoscope.
  • Von 5: The Vault of Night.
  • Von 6: The Plane of Night.

List of Dungeons

Epic quests in the Demon Sands:

  • The drow mission Offering of Blood.
  • The gnoll dungeon Chains of Flame.
  • Tomb of the Wizard King Raiyum.
  • The ADQ preraid dungeon, Against the Demon Queen.

Missions in the Sentinels of Stormreach:

  • Spies in the House.
  • The Bargain Bazaar.
  • The Black Loch.
  • The Tide Turns.

Epic quests in the Vault of Night series:

  • Von 1: Tharask Arena.
  • Von 2: The Prisoner of the Mind.
  • Von 3: Jungles of Khyber.
    The troll camp von3 pre-dungeon is not epic.
  • Von 4: Haywire Foundry.

All Phiarlan Carnival adventures.

All Red Fens adventures.

Devil Assault.


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