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DOTA Hero Tips: Lord of Olympus

Updated on June 14, 2012

Lord Olympus is one of the few intelligence heroes who can be effective all throughout the game. Most intelligence heroes end up weakened on the late game but not Zeus. He can even tear down tankers despite their high hit points and great resistance to magic and physical damage. However, mastering how to use Lord of Olympus won’t be easy as like most intelligence heroes, he’s very vulnerable to ganks and has base hit points as well. To help be an effective Zeus user, here are a few simple yet often disregarded guidelines. Moreover, the guide is broken down with respect to game time so you’ll know what an effective Zeus user must do during each of them.

Early Game

Arc Lightning and Lightning Bolt are Zeus’s bread and butter skills. Upgrading them at max level is a must. However, his third skill is also a viable choice as it does damage based on a certain percent of the target’s hit points. Some Zeus users boost the second and third skill first to harass even heroes with high amount of hit points early in the game. Arc lightning should be preferred if you focus more on farming. Your starting item should focus more on mana regeneration. A bottle and crow combination is a good pick if you are on the mid lane. Nevertheless, you can settle with a few clarity potions if your team assigned you to either the top or bottom lane. Your main goal on the early game is to harass enemy carries. Don’t allow them to farm. There’s no point of denying as you don’t have enough physical damage or attack speed to outmatch most heroes on this field. Just spam them with skills so to disallow them from being near the creeps. Arcane boots is a must for Lord of Olympus as he requires tons of mana in casting his skills often.

Mid Game

Zeus does not need to join ganking since his last skill is global. In some cases, it is also used to determine enemy position. By now, you should have at least one escape mechanism. The enemy will definitely target you first. Kelen’s dagger and force staff are good choices. However, most prefer the latter since it also adds up a few stats. If you were able to farm, buying a dagon scepter is a good way to increase your killing power. Only a few can survive a full skill attack of Zeus paired with a dagon scepter.

Late Game

By now, most of your enemies will have black king bar or hood of defiance to counter your strong skills. Heroes like Lifestealer or Barathrum and other who have skills that can make them immune to magic or be near you in an instant will make things very hard for you. Nonetheless, you can counter them by simply purchasing a Eul’s Scepter. Cast it to yourself to keep them from attacking you then dagger away once the skill depreciated. During late game clashes, positioning is the main key so you can survive. Avoid being on the front line. If possible, stay in fogged areas and just come out after most of the enemy heroes already casted their devastating skills. This may look like a cowardly technique but you have no option. Zeus power lies on spamming skills so you should dying early during an important clash is the last thing you would want to happen.

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