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Dance Central - Kinect Games

Updated on March 12, 2011

Full Track List Announced

The full track list for Dance Central has been announced - see all the songs by clicking the link below!

Dance Central Track List

Dance Central

Dance Central is a dance game being made for the Xbox 360 and will use Kinect - the new motion controller for the Xbox 360. The game is being made by Harmonix - the makers of the hugely successful and fantastic Rock Band series. The game has already been positively received and many expect it to be a fantastic dance game. The game is designed so beginners and advanced dancers can play and enjoy the game and improve their dancing.

The technology for Kinect really seems to fit this title and Kinect's 48 sensors throughout your body will be able to pick up you body movements and reflect that on the screen.

The games soundtrack looks really good with a mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B artists including Lady Gaga, the Beastie Boys and No Doubt. The other great thing is that will be tonnes of post release DLC so you can carrying on dancing to new tunes and routines.

The game is set to release in the 2010 holiday season so I recommend pre-ordering and keeping it back for a fantastic Christmas present! The other great thing is once you have the game and Kinect that is it - you won't need a band of plastic instruments unlike Rock Band and Guitar hero even if you want to play multiplayer!

The game features over 600 different dance moves to master and 90 different routines.

Soundtrack Includes:

Song title
Poker Face
Lady Gaga
Body Movin
Beastie Boys
Bell Bive Devoe
Lipps Inc
Galang '05
Hella Good
No Doubt

Dance Central at E3

Break It Down

Break It Down mode helps you learn moves and a routine and runs through them slowly allowing you to perfect your dance routines and become a much better dancer. So even someone who has never danced before can start to improve with the game and also in real life!

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Dance Central

Dance Central looks set to be one of the best Kinect games around and if you love dancing then this is a must. However anyone can pick up and play this great game and it will also be fantastic fun with friends and family.  The other great thing is you don't need all these different plastic instruments to play with others but you just need the excellent Kinect and that is it!  

Dance Central really does look set to be one of the best Kinect games and is a must-have if you already have got Kinect but even if you have not I recommend you pick them both up especially if you are a dance fan! 

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